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Age of Abundance & President Trump

Date: Monday, January 23, 2017 1:12 PM EDT

Donald Trump is President of United States of America as of January 20th 2017.

Successful Trumpization of America and the revival of American entrepreneurialism at grassroots levels across the nation will send to the world two powerful messages; firstly, that traditionally institutionalized and organized bureaucracy of the government leadership that is intentionally designed to operate like a very slow dysfunctional machine is now a last century model and needs to be replaced, immediately. Secondly, nouveau entrepreneurialism of the new global age is the last frontier left to revive national economical disasters.

If Trumpization fails, the United States and the world populace will wake up to the realization that those nations that can get spell bounded with fake news must come to grip with the real and hidden powers of each and every citizen’s single vote.

In the USA alone, deniers of new transformations should be fully cognizant of previous unexplainable trillion dollars debt spikes, hundred million unemployed, 50 million people on food stamps, 70 thousands factories closed, and student debt of a trillion dollar and hence refrain and reflect before opposing rhetoric.

With many more major elections pending the pendulum is on the robust swing.

Observe the speed of change; watch it unfold live, participate in all the positive and logical progress.

Age Of Abundance

Never in the history, has mankind promised so much to so many, so easily and so simultaneously available across the farthest corners of the world? We are surrounded by millions of everything, period. The future has arrived; it is visible to alpha dreamers. Those are billions of people plugged into the universal knowledge, while this pheromone is absent from the traditionalists, the media and fake news dependent busy billions who are unplugged to the real global age deployments. The new world of entrepreneurialism and economic development has arrived. Technocalamity has made its impact; the tsunamis of free technologies make established organizations, enterprises and executives appear outdated and lost. Lastly Trumpization, which encompasses bold and open language, is designed to make American great again. It is time to search for truth and new styles of entrepreneurialism which will lead to a major earth shattering policy shift in American politics.

The Origin:

The concept of the ‘age of abundance’ originally published in a syndicated column by Naseem Javed “The Age of Abundance Demands Innovation” in 2005. Article details at end:

The arrival of the age of abundance is now a monstrous mainstream challenge on every street of the world; the creators, producers and conceptual leaders of ideas, goods and services must prove supremacy of innovative excellence or simply stay lost in the thick fog of abundance. For every great idea, there are thousands better ones. Only extremely unique and exceptionally real value things now get attention. The bars of extreme originality, quality, design, intellect and new bold global thought leadership are in the spotlight. To make American great again demands superior performance of everything from the governments, organizations, enterprises and executives.

Now years later, impact of change in 2017

Anything and everything is available anywhere all the times with all possibilities and combinations available for mostly at affordable costs. Access to production, replication, and distribution with customization are all part of our daily instant gratification life styles. Mankind’s basic needs have become more complex and expansive, for example deluxe shelter and gourmet bread, but without Wi-Fi access is now a new definition of living in hell.

Whatever you need, you get it delivered to your bedroom overnight, customized and initialized and custom handled and paid by your own choosing and on your terms with a full refund policy, while begging social media endorsements and

Needy Customers have become addicted consumers and are now bold, choosy and fussy act as Royals getting Knighthoods. At the same time Creators and Producers are becoming increasingly frightened like dock side commoners getting chained to deeper and darker production slums and dungeons. This is all like a scene from Gotham going Bling-Bling-crazy.

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