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The Mises Institute exists to promote teaching and research in the Austrian school of economics, and individual freedom, honest history, and international peace, in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray N. Rothbard. These great thinkers developed praxeology, a deductive science of human ... more


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Western Economies Are Self-Destructing With Inflation, Debt, And Taxes
While it took officials a considerable period of time to admit the inflationary threat, despite the signs and warnings, they are failing to name its root causes.
The Bitcoin Standard
Why can Austrian economics helps us understand Bitcoin?
Is There An Endgame For US Debt?
Economist Dan Mitchell joins us for a sobering discussion of a reality politicians don't want to face.
Michael Malice On North Korea's "Economy"
North Korea is not the poorest country on earth, but it is undoubtedly the most miserable. Michael Malice has been there and joins me to discuss the bizarre economics of life in a country with virtually no outside trade.
Mark Thornton: Can The Fed Unwind?
Can quantitative easing—a roundabout form of monetizing debt—actually work? Can monetary policy make us rich? Or, are Fed officials just groping in the dark, putting off a day of reckoning? Jeff Deist and Mark Thornton unwind the narrative.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts