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The Social Consequences Of Zero Interest Rates
Zero and negative interest rates are a reality in Europe and will soon be in the US as well. It should not be expected that we will necessarily be immune to simlar developments to those in Japan.
The Problem With Measuring "Consumer Sentiment"
According to the University of Michigan, the US consumer sentiment index rose to 78.1 in June from 72.3 in May. Many experts see the increase in the index as an important indicator regarding the likely course of the US economy in the months ahead.
Why Governments Hate Currency Competition
Sound economics reveals that people would enjoy more freedom and greater prosperity with a means of payment that they are allowed to establish in the free market. So there is good reason to call for a free market in money.
As The Fed Pumps, The Stock Market Is Increasingly The Only Game In Town
While the economic storm caused by COVID-19 has seemed to wane (temporarily?), the stock market can’t seem to go but one direction—up.
MMT: Not Modern, Not Monetary, Not A Theory
It's easy to dismiss MMT out of hand, but the impulse to create something from nothing resides deep in the human psyche.
As The Fed Pumps,The Stock Market Is Increasingly The Only Game In Town
While the economic storm caused by COVID-19 has seemed to wane (temporarily?), the stock market can’t seem to go but one direction—up.
The Second Round Of Lockdowns Won't Be As Easy As The First
A second lockdown will be more difficult — both economically and politically — than the first. Economic pain will mount as political doubts grow.
Are Fractional Reserve Bank Deposits Money?
Attempts to construct a nonfraudulent FRB result in assets that are not money.
A Never-Ending Story Of Bailouts, Moral Hazard, And Low Economic Growth
The recent economic downturn has created the environment for a new round of bailouts by the government and the Fed.
Why Central Banks Are A Threat To Our Savings
The US personal savings rate jumped to 33 percent in April from 12.7 percent in March and 8 percent in April last year.
Central Bankers Will Bring Us Economic Stagnation
By keeping rates near or below zero for the foreseeable future, the Fed is granting already overly indebted companies access to more capital (at as low a rate as possible) to stay alive during the current recession.
Why "Public Goods" Don't Justify Government Intervention
The theory of public goods is one of the main arguments that is usually employed to justify economically the existence of the state.
After The Lockdowns, Government "Fixes" For The Economy Will Make Things Even Worse
While it is relatively easy to predict that the post-coronavirus economy will suffer from high unemployment, the outlook for price inflation is not so certain.
Even If COVID-19 Goes Away, The Economy Isn't Going Back To "Normal"
Speculative frenzy in the midst of a recession is not a new phenomenon. Yet the extent of the “madness” this time might well beat records in the small sample size available from the history laboratory.
Why Economists Are So Often Accused Of Being Indifferent To Social Problems
When economists look at what only can be called bad things that happen time and again, we ask why that is so. More specifically, we want to know about the structures of incentives that encourage things to occur time and again.
Savings Are Critical To A Prosperous Economy
As long as the pool of real savings is expanding, the central bank and government officials can give the impression that loose monetary and fiscal policies drive the economy.
1 to 16 of 363 Posts
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