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Freedom And Sound Money: Two Sides Of A Coin
Modern-day monetary systems appear to have been drifting farther and farther away from the sound-money principle in the last decades.
Federal Reserve Policies Aimed At Creating Price Stability Bring About Economic Instability
Economic stability refers to an absence of excessive fluctuation, so an economy with constant output growth and low and stable price inflation is likely to be regarded as stable.
Money: What Is It? The More Important Question: Why Is It?
Money is not the root of evil as many people mistakenly think. Corrupted money (i.e., fiat money and currency debasement), however, is the root of many economic, social and cultural evils.
France Is Catching Up To Japan, But Not In A Good Way
Since the introduction of the euro in 1999, the wealth-to-income ratio in France has been on the same trajectory as it had been in Japan fifteen years earlier during the country’s massive asset price bubble of the 1980s.
The Fed Gets It Wrong On Money Velocity, Too
Money velocity represents the ratio between the national income and the monetary aggregate and is subject to vast swings.
Price Indices Aren't Accurate Measures Of Inflation
"Inflation" is back in the headlines, and a lot of nonsense is being said about it. Without much thought whether it makes sense or not, "inflation" is defined as a general rise in prices.
Why The Yen Fell While The Dollar Rallied
Top Fed officials are talking aggressively and nonstop—the so-called hawkish pivot—about their promise to bring inflation back down to below 3 percent in 2023 without a recession along the way.
We Still Haven't Reached The Inflation Finale
The distortions of price signals in asset market as caused by monetary inflation can persist well beyond the closing of the inflation gap - as was the case with both the crash of 1929 and of 2008.
How The Business Cycle Happens
We live necessarily in a society of continual and unending change, change that can never be precisely charted in advance. People try to forecast and anticipate changes as best they can, but such forecasting can never be reduced to an exact science.
Do "Inflationary Expectations" Cause Inflation? Contra Krugman, The Answer Is No
Inflation is not about increases in consumer prices but about increases in money supply.
Inflation Isn't What The "Experts" Say It Is. The Confusion In Terms Is Deliberate
Inflation, more so than taxation, is the main nourishment that enables the state to, slowly but surely, grow into a large and far-reaching bureaucratic apparatus that intervenes across almost all aspects of social and economic affairs.
Putin's Inflation? Homegrown Modern Monetary Theory Is To Blame
Prices of goods and services in the economy seem to be going through the roof, and both consumers and producers suffer from the falling value of their money.
The Fed Cannot Undo The Damage It Has Already Caused
By raising interest rates the central bank cannot undo the damage from its previous easy interest rate stance. A tighter stance will likely generate various other distortions.
Markets Are Peaceful But The State Is Not
A system of free markets, if practiced, would sooner or later allow people around the world to grow into a very tightly knit division of labor. The result would be permanently peaceful and productive cooperation among the people.
The West's Russia Sanctions Could Lead To Many Unpredictable And Unpleasant Outcomes
Global supply shocks are historically rare events. All the more extraordinary to have two such shocks in quick succession.
Cantillon Effects: Why Inflation Helps Some And Hurts Others
The general form of a Cantillon effect is that there is increased money coming into an economy from somewhere. The first recipients benefit.
1 to 16 of 582 Posts
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