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Michael Gouvalaris is the author of The Trading Playbook: Two Rule Based Plans for Day Trading and Swing Trading. He is the author of the Technical Investor blog (formerly Mikes Trading Journal) which began in 2009 and has provided timely and accurate technical analysis of the markets and ... more

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S&P 500 Earnings Update & Economic Data Review: Another EPS Increase
About 5% of the S&P 500 have already reported Q4 earnings so far. Off to a great start, with 96% of companies beating estimates.
S&P 500 Earnings Update & Economic Data Review
The forward earnings per share (EPS) for all S&P 500 companies combined increased last week from $159.02 to $167.58.
2020 Stock Market Review: Another Year Of Multiple Expansion
Another year of gains for stocks that was completely driven by multiple expansion (increase in valuation). We can’t count on this to continue.
S&P 500 Earnings Update And Weekly Review Of Economic Data
The forward earnings per share (EPS) for all S&P 500 companies combined declined last week from $161.17 to $159.01.
A Succinct Look At Risk Indicators
There are many moving parts in the financial markets, making predictions incredibly hard to do with any consistency.
Earnings Update, Retail Sales, & Leading Economic Indicators
The forward Earnings Per Share (EPS) for all S&P 500 companies combined increased last week from $160.66 to $161.17.
Earnings Update, Small Business Optimism, Inflation (CPI), And The Jobs Recovery…
The recovery is well underway and is likely to pick up steam next year (although Q1 2021 could be soft), but downside risks remain elevated compared to pre-COVID levels.
Adobe (ADBE) Earnings Review
Adobe reported record quarterly results yesterday, beating on earnings (adjusted EPS growth of 23%) and revenues (14% growth).
EC Earnings Update & November Review
Valuation is a bit stretched on a relative basis and the markets have experienced a steep advance. We know nothing goes in a straight line forever; expect corrections along the way.
Earnings Review: ZM, CRM, ZS, CRWD And DOCU
This week many of the best-performing stocks reported Q3 earnings.
Gold And US Dollar Update: Signs Of Inflation?
My buy level on Gold between $1778 and $1788 has worked well so far. But the $1848 level, which was once support, now becomes resistance, along with the 50 day moving average and the 2011 highs at $1923.
Earnings Update, New Home Sales, & The Fear Trade Being Unwound
Last week the S&P 500 earnings per share rose from $159.89 to $160.08, and the S&P 500 index rose 2.27%.
Consumer Confidence, Gold, & Dow 30K
Consumer Confidence for October came in below expectations at 96.1. This is down -4.8% from the prior month and down -23.4% year over year.
S&P 500 Earnings & Market Update
The forward looking earnings per share for all S&P 500 companies combined ticked down from $159.92 to $159.89 last week.
US Dollar And Gold Update: Is The Fed’s Monetary Policy Devaluing The Currency?
Dollar weakness in the short term looks like we may get a push back down to $91, and if that fails, back down in the range of $88.70 – $89.56.
Retail Sales & Nvidia (NVDA) Earnings
Retail sales for October came in at a gain of 0.3% over the prior month. The street was expecting a gain of 0.5%.
1 to 16 of 180 Posts
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