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Managing Principal, Chief Economist and Investment Strategist

Marvin R. Clark is the Managing Principal of Monsoon Wealth Management (MWM). Monsoon offers affluent individuals and business owners’ wealth management, economic, and market advice throughout America.

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2016 Review
The Dow Industrial Average gained 13.4% for the year, its best annual percentage gain since 2013.The S&P advance is about 10%. The Nasdaq posted an annual gain of 8.5%.
The Question
The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its greatest opening-day loss since 2008 yesterday. Today might be considered a tepid recovery, or maybe just a reminder that the world did not end with the change of the calendar.
See Opportunities
President Obama said the U.S. will meet commitments to help finance developing nations’ efforts to reduce carbon pollution, challenging congressional Republicans who have fought most of his environmental policies.
Fluctuating Between Ugly And Ugly
A dovish Fed might mean that the global economy really is weak; the drop in commodities is hurting emerging markets; the strength of the dollar is hurting US exporters; we are now facing currency wars; and global growth will weigh on the US economy.
Maybe GM Is Too Damn Stupid To Exist
GMs’ approval this week of a new $5bn buyback plan will likely delay one of its important goals: achieving a top-tier credit rating. Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s analysts say the carmaker’s next upgrade could be delayed due to its new capital allocation plan.
Friday Wrap
For the week, the Dow rose 0.9 percent, the S&P gained 1.6 percent and the Nasdaq added 2.7 percent.
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