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Marvin R. Clark is the Managing Principal of Monsoon Wealth Management (MWM). Monsoon offers affluent individuals and business owners’ wealth management, economic, and market advice throughout America.

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Buy Rumor, Sell Fact
Shares of Microsoft, Facebook and Google-parent Alphabet rose more than 1 percent as the technology sector recovered from a recent sell-off. Microsoft was up more than 2 percent.
Stocks Little Changed Following Two-Day WobbleStocks Mostly Flat After Overcoming Morning Lows
U.S. stocks overcame some early weakness to finish the regular trading session fairly flat. U.S. tax reform continued to garner attention as the reconciliation process has begun.
Happy Time Vibe
This morning, the markets surged – largely, a happy-time vibe from the tax cut plan – but as the day wore on, the euphoria faded. The Nasdaq turned south after about one hour of trading. The entire tech sector came under serious pressure.
Ever-Flowing Streams
If this had been a normal day, the top story would be a vote on a massive piece of tax legislation.
Tax Gimmicks
Record highs for the Dow, the S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell. The big push to record highs came in the final 2 hours of trade as the Senate Budget Committee passed the tax-cut bill.
Markets Break Out Of Midday Anxiety
U.S. equities were solidly in the green, with the major indexes notching fresh highs, shrugging continued tax reform uncertainty and anxiety over North Korea's latest missile test.
Markets Mixed In Lackluster Session
U.S. equities finished mixed with energy stocks finding pressure amid a drop in crude oil prices ahead of this week's OPEC production meeting.
Gravy Exuberance
The Nasdaq eked out a small gain to close at a record high. I suggest you celebrate with turkey and pie.
Stocks Mixed In Subdued Action Ahead Of Thanksgiving
U.S. stocks were mostly lower, though the Nasdaq was able to tick higher with volume subdued ahead of the Thanksgiving break.
How The Net Dies
Record high closes for the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000. The S&P technology index gained 1.2 percent, helped by a nearly 1.9 percent rise in Apple. The index has risen 38.6 percent this year, by far more than any other sector.
Tax Plan Puffery
It was a light volume session on Wall Street yesterday. Stocks moved higher but closed well off session highs. This will be a holiday-shortened week with the markets closed on Thursday and just a half session for stocks on Friday.
he Senate version of the Republican tax plan was supposed to be unveiled today. Morning came and went. No plan. Lunch passed without a plan.
Everybody’s Doing It
The number of job openings in the U.S. rose slightly in September to 6.09 million, keeping them near a record high. Job openings have topped 6 million for four months in a row for the first time ever.
The Parade Passing By
Up 100, down 100, up 100 then drifting lower. The Dow and the S&P moved higher yesterday. The Nasdaq closed in the red as biotech took a beating.
Watching Paint Dry
U.S. markets are clearly pricing in some version of a tax plan. The tenor of the markets changed in early September when tax reform made its way back into the news cycle.
Stocks Trade Lower To Start Week
U.S. stocks finished Monday's trading session lower ahead of a heavy dose of earnings and economic data set to be released this week. Treasury yields dipped and the U.S. dollar ticked higher.
1 to 16 of 703 Posts
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