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Is This A Proposal From 1995 Or 2015 ?

Date: Friday, January 16, 2015 12:18 PM EDT

I had reason to do some research and find some old goodies from the beginning of the world of streaming. This was first written in 1995 with testimonial emails added over time.

Since 2015 marks the 20th Anniversary year of streaming, i thought it would be fun for you to see that our proposals from back then aren't a whole lot different from what we see in proposals today. The technology has improved. The market has changed. The proposition. Not so much.  Ok maybe I had to explain what the Internet is and that's not necessary today. But why nitpick :)

Notice towards the end the offer of pre stream ads. Tags. Inserted commercials and more.

Who is AudioNet ?

AudioNet is the worlds first and largest Broadcast Network on the Internet, that’s who.We are just like your local cable company. The cable company licenses programming from about 100 different sources and offers a choice of about 50 to 75 television channels to its local trade market, or in some cases they will share content among several markets.. AudioNet licenses audio programming from hundreds of sources, and makes it available to the ENTIRE WORLD ! Better yet, unlike radio and television, we offer programming on demand. If you miss your favorite program during the day, you can listen to it on AudioNet that night ! With AudioNet, no one ever has to miss their favorite program or show !

AudioNet is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet. People around the world know that when they want their choice of LIVE and on demand audio programming there is only place to go, WWW.Audionet.Com, the worlds first Broadcast Network on the Internet !

AudioNet offers live broadcasts of radio stations such as KLIF Dallas, WTEM Washington DC, WMVP Chicago, KFI Los Angeles, KDGE Dallas, XTRA San Diego, WQAM Miami, WOR New York, WBAL Baltimore, KDGE Dallas, KZPS Dallas,WAMC New York, with many more to come. Then there are the LIVE broadcasts of exciting sporting events such as football and men’s and women’s basketball from more than 50 schools including, Texas A&M, University of Southern California, Michigan State, Nebraska, Baylor, North Carolina, Duke, and Florida. Plus, a growing schedule of professional football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and Indoor Soccer.

In addition to sports programming AudioNet offers a comprehensive selection of entertaining, original programming not available anywhere else, like NetChat with Elliot Stein, Live Music Concerts, Hash Brown Blues Band Live from the Bone, The Janice Malone Show, Science Radio, The Worlds First Serialized Audio Books, Jeffrey Lyons Movie Reviews and Hollywood Reports, Medical Matters, Tech Talk, NetRadio, Geek Free Radio, Legal Matters, Net Radio, Celebrity Interviews with Michelle Pfeiffer, Patrick Swayze, Dustin Hoffman, George Foreman, Gennifer Flowers and much more. What’s even more exciting is that AudioNet is doubling their content offerings every month, with new things being added every day. Listeners know to stop by and see what’s new, and they do !

That’s right, AudioNet offers our users their choice of the programming they want and love, and its only on AudioNet!

What is the Internet ?

Everybody has used the phone system. Pick up the phone, dial a number, talk to a friend or business associate. What we don’t think about when we pick up the phone is what actually happens at the phone company.

When you dial a phone number, the phone company takes that number, and using their complex internetwork of computers, switches, and lots of fancy technology, they connect your phone to your friends’ phone.

So what is the Internet ? The Internet is the phone system, but instead of all of those fancy computers at the phone company being used to connect phones for people to talk on, they connect computers so that they can talk to each other. Its real simple. The Internet is just a bunch of computers that have the ability to hold a conversation with each other.

People talk to each other and communicate using words. Computers talk to each using text, pictures, audio and in some cases video. That is what makes the Internet so special. When you connect your computer to the Internet you have access to millions and billions of words, pictures and sounds that you might not be able to find otherwise. Just as importantly, anybody who uses the Internet has access to whatever words, pictures or sounds you would like to make available to them !

So what does it take to “Get On the Internet ?” Its simple. All you need is a multimedia computer, a modem, and a connection to an Internet Service Provider.

An Internet Service Provider is someone who has gone to the phone company and told them that they want to specialize in allowing computers to connect to other computers. So they cut a deal that allows them to share high speed connections to other computers among all the people’s computers that they provide Internet Services to. This is not much different than Sprint and MCI, who bought tons of phone time from AT&T and turned around an specialized in selling long distance. Internet Service Providers specialize in selling computer access to the Internet.

To sign up for a connection to an Internet Service Provider usually only takes a single phone call to the Internet Service Provider, or AS AN AUDIONET CUSTOMER OR CONTENT PARTNER, we will do all of this for you !

What else do you need ? The only other thing you need is software known as Browser Software. This software, which we provide to you allows your computer to easily navigate all of the different computers on the Internet and display all of the sights, sounds and information available from the millions of computers connected to the net.

So what exactly is on the Net and why is everybody so excited ? Everything is on the net. That’s right, everything. There is not a single subject that isn’t covered. Want information on the Mona Lisa, do a search on the Mona Lisa, or Art, or Leonardo Da Vinci . Want to know the score of Army vs USC in 1973, no sweat its there. Want to review the latest fashions from Milan, its there. Want to know who is hiring in your field ? Demographics of skateboards in Delaware ?You can even find the menus of some of your favorite restaurants. Everyday more is being added. Experts are saying that the Internet will double in size in less than a year ! There is little question that when anyone wants personal or business information, the Internet will be the first place they start to look. The only question is whether they will find information about your business when they start to look, or will they find information about your competition !

AudioNet and the Future

The only constant with technology is change. Each and everyday technology advances to allow new things that no one ever dreamed of to be done. For AudioNet, technological change is opportunity for our customers and listeners. You see, AudioNet is technology independent. We will always be able to chose the technology that best serves our users. We will use other’s technology, and combine it with our own. We will give our customers a truly competitive advantage by staying on the cutting edge, but away from the bleeding edge, using technology to do things others cant imagine.

Today AudioNet is an Audio only network. We expect the bandwidth available to the home to increase dramatically over the next 2 to 4 years . We expect to be able to expand our offerings to include not only video, but also other new media images and formats, some of which are just now being invented !

What makes AudioNet special, is not only our technological independence and experience, but also our commitment to our customers and users. We will take your suggestions, and comments and use them to continuously upgrade the level of entertainment that we offer. We expect to have customized versions of AudioNet, so that the way you use AudioNet, is unique to you !

In terms of our breadth of reach, AudioNet currently serves more than 750,000 listeners per month. We expect that number to grow exponentially to more than 5,000,000 listeners per month, in LESS THAN 12 MONTHS. In fact, we expect that within 18 months, we will be the equivalent of the largest radio station in world !

Today, you are in the business of managing change. More than ever before, your business is driven by constant, relentless change in new products, revisions in services, changes in distribution, new suppliers, increasing competition...
Your customers and prospects are changing even faster! Shifting purchasing behavior, major lifestyle adjustments, changes in product preferences, new perceptions of value....
Your strongest competitors are changing too! Constantly adjusting to keep up with variable conditions, struggling to persevere in an increasingly hostile marketplace, continually striving to increase market share....
So, if you plan to see your business grow and prosper ... you constantly need to enhance your ability to manage change. You need to access the current situation, understand the options, explore the alternatives, and be prepared to change your business strategy and marketing tactics at a moment’s notice.
You can’t do it alone. You need a contemporary marketing partner that’s ready and able to help you maximize each and every sales opportunity...from short-term events to emerging long-term trends. AudioNet is that partner !
AudioNet is not just another Internet Company. AudioNet is the established market leader for multimedia on the Internet. While other companies attempting to understand technology and marketing through new media, AudioNet is creating the market and establishing itself as the leader others are following.
AudioNet knows how to take technology and use it to your advantage. We can support you in traditional means, by offering cost effect impressions to your targeted customer base. Or, we can leverage our technological and marketing advantages, to give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace !

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