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Businessman, Investor, and Owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks
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Mark Cuban is an American businessman, investor, and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, and Magnolia Pictures, and the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV.  He is also a "shark" investor on the television series Shark Tank. In ... more


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I Hired A Team Of Secret Shoppers To Find Out How Businesses Were Opening In Dallas. It’s Not Good.
I wanted to get an understanding of what opening meant to businesses. Here's what I found...
What Comes Next For Small Businesses And The Paycheck Protection Program
With the funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) depleted as of today, here are some of the issues I have had to address with small businesses I deal with and some of the recommendations I am making.
EC Virus-Bailouts: "No More Buybacks. Not Now, Not A Year From Now. Not Ever"
Mark Cuban appeared on CNBC to talk about the bailing out of the economy. Cuban had some choice words - and some good ideas - for what life should be like post-bailouts and after the coronavirus crisis ends.
What Business Is The NBA In?
It’s been a while since I have updated my post on what business in the NBA is in.Seemed like now is as good a time as any!
EC Mark Cuban On Trump, Breaking Up Facebook, And Antitrust
In this video and transcript, Mark Cuban discusses his thoughts on Trump, breaking up Facebook, and antitrust.
Ideas For Fixing Obamacare: Opening A Conversation
No stakeholder is willing to take less. Which is why it will be near impossible to “fix Obamacare” in a way that makes consumers (also known as voters), insurers, and healthcare providers happy.
Dear Mr President, My Suggestion For Infrastructure Spending
Its time to rethink how we spend a big chunk of that money. I would take 100 billion of the proposed $ 1 Trillion dollars in infrastructure investment and invest it in Robotics.
Why Apple Must Win Vs. The FBI
Apple must win the current case against the FBI. There is a near zero chance that the code created by Apple to break into their phones can stay private under current laws.
What Do You Have To Hide? - The Most Dangerous Question In America
Why not let the government monitor what we say or do? What do we have to hide?
Apple Vs. The FBI Vs. A Suggestion
Apple refused to comply with an FBI order to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Tim Cook said the order was tantamount to ‘hacking’ its own customers. Here's my take.
EC HH The Pre-Cognitive Anti-Trust Violation: How The Decimation Of The IPO Market Has Hurt The Economy And Worse
The amount of destruction in the IPO and public markets and its impact on this country are what can only be described as horrific
The SEC And The DOJ Still Don’t Get It
What I think is absolutely missing when it comes to insider trading and why the failings of regulators have far greater consequences on our economy then we realize.
Why This Tech Bubble Is Worse Than The Tech Bubble Of 2000
Ah, the good old days. Stocks up $25, $50, $100 more in a single day. Day trading was all the rage. Anyone and everyone you talked to had a story about how they had made a ton of money on such and such a stock. In an hour.
EC HH The Idiot's Guide To High Frequency Trading
HFT guarantees a profit - the definition of a rigged market.
The 6 Things You Need To Know To Be Great In Business
There are no shortcuts in business. In order to be successful there are rules every professional needs to know. Mark Cuban shares his short list of the top six.
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