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My Thoughts on the MSM Getting President Trump Elected and Then Some

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016 1:07 PM EDT

Peter Thiel was right when he said that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally.

When it comes to reporting the news,  a presidential campaign and election is obviously news, the MSM (Main Stream Media) takes everything literally and seriously. That is the definition of reporting isn’t it ?

There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred  to consume literal information from MSM sources they trust and processed it before they decided which Presidential candidate they  voted for.

There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred to consume other, non MSM sources of information.  It’s not that they don’t want literal information. It’s that they don’t trust traditional reporting sources, aka, MSM, aka Main Stream Media.

I don’t know how or why they developed this distrust of the MSM. But they certainly did and still do. They not only distrust the MSM, they seem to feel strongly that the MSM is controlled by forces that are intentionally trying to discredit the things they believe strongly in.

Who do they trust for their information? Pretty much anyone and any outlet that recognizes and reveals the impurity of MSM outlets and reinforces the purity of their beliefs. It can be a neighbor, friend, relative, talk show host, website or information source, real or otherwise. It certainly was all the people who were at the rallys. You talk about creating a word of mouth network of support.  The rallys certainly succeeded there.

For the MSM literals, its “us vs them”, for the MSM haters , its “us vs them”

In this election there were more MSM “literals”, but the Trump campaign was a lot smarter and able to rally the MSM haters and turn them into Trump believers and voters in the states they needed them.

President Elect Trump won not because the media failed at their job or didn’t recognize something.  Donald Trump won precisely because the MSM did their job exactly as they expected they would and they used it to their advantage.

Every chance Donald got he would say things that his campaign knew would get the MSM all riled up. They knew exactly what they were doing. The more the media and people like me criticized Donald, the more it played right into their hands.  We were the bad guys. We didn’t get it.  We represented everything they wanted to change. We were the forces behind the corrupt media. The elites. The establishment. The suckers getting paid off by George Soros and foreign corrupt interests.

I was dumb enough to think I would be able to talk people out of voting for Donald Trump by detailing what I thought were his weaknesses. The Trump campaign had to be laughing at me and thanking me at the same time.  I approached my choice of candidates by consuming information literally.  That was my hammer and I tried to use it to make everything else look like a nail. I obviously was wrong.

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Gary Anderson 3 years ago Contributor's comment

So, now that Donald Trump has won, and the link between the campaign and the Russians has been made, there is a fury coming from the main stream media that I have never seen before. Like I said, I have huge reservations about Donald Trump as a man, but this media fury is obviously sponsored by those who really don't want him to be president, and I think I know why and the reasons are alarming:

Barry Hochhauser 3 years ago Member's comment

Impressed to see Mark Cuban is a contributor here!

Gary Anderson 3 years ago Contributor's comment

Mark, Trump is on video saying all men are not created equal. It goes against America values and it is a core tenet of Fascism. That conservative people voted for fascism is a big concern. Only, the MSM never reported on Trump's fascism. Most people don't even know what it is. They don't believe Trump could be Hitler. He may not turn out to be, however, it could be that frustration drives him to his core value which is fascism. He is potentially the most dangerous man who ever lived.

We all hope he just sticks with business. But government isn't business, and how frustrated he gets will determine the course of history.