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President, Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions Corp
Mark was a co-founder president of a manufacturing automation company after leaving Hewlett-Packard in a management capacity in 1985. The partners bought out his interests in 1987. Mark founded Mercantile and operates the business on a day to day basis. Specialties: Mercantile focuses ...more


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COVID - Do You Know The Value Of Your Business Now?
Now that COVID has sunk in and will continue, most company owners want to know the current value of their business. Here's how to calculate it...
Our Bank Said No. Now, What?
Asset-based lending and other alternative finance products like purchase order financing and factoring are available when conventional financing is unattainable.
Do You Know The Value Of Your Business?
If you own any kind of business, you need to know what kind of real income your company earns.
Is This The Time To Sell Your Business
With the economy expanding in North America, many owners are wondering dering if this is the year to consider selling the business. In most of the major regions there are five specific reasons why it would make sense to sell in sooner than later.
Will Trump Burst Our Housing Bubble
If America does well, Canada will do well. If their economy picks up, ours will be pulled along for the ride. So now that we hear that the “good old USA” is doing better, Canadians should be happy, right?
Factors Involved In A Properly Constituted Foreign Exchange Program
The most successful way to navigate foreign markets and understand currency movement is to create a hedging program that is suited for your business.
Seven Suggestions For Successful Acquisitions
A company wants to speed up its growth, gain new resources and/or assets. Going "solo" through organic growth may work but takes longer to achieve. So the company considers acquisition.
A Lesson In Insolvency
If your company, a supplier, or customer is going bankrupt, it’s important to stay involved in the process.
Global Business Risk In Focus
Boris Tsimerinov and Mark Borkowski interview Dante Disparte and Daniel Wagner, two experts on international risk management.
Digest What You Eat! (Practical Suggestions For Successful M&A)
Hugh Latif is a highly respected and well known Management Consultant. He is the author of “Maverick Leadership". Latif believes that as we enter the new year, we can expect to read the usual list of the major acquisitions.
Gold: Always A Topic Worth Discussing
Gold always remains a subject for discussion and study. Many companies and investors still hold gold reserves as a hedge against times of uncertainty.
Sales: The Big Cover Up
Few people will dispute that sales is one of the most important activities in an organization.
How To Tell If Your Company Is Being Acquired By Another Company
How do you tell if your company’s being acquired? It would be very helpful to know this in advance of the official announcements so that you can be fully prepared.
Three Steps To Avoid Merger Meltdown
If you are a leader involved in a merger or acquisition it is imperative that you take particularly good care of yourself so that your energy reserves do not become depleted.
You Need A New Sales Strategy To Beat The Competition
Astute managers armed with spreadsheets can financially engineer any enterprise using industry agnostic techniques. They can boost or reduce ratios and improve profits. Some results may endure, but many are often fleeting.
Why Startups Fail – Let’s Make Sure Yours Is Not One Of Them
Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons people put their dreams of starting a business on hold. That’s understandable. It is a big decision to leave full-time employment behind and invest your savings in a new venture.
1 to 16 of 35 Posts