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Marc is the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club and Wealthy Retirement, as well as Founder and Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter. He also contributes frequently to The Oxford Communiqué and Investment U. Marc is Editor of VIP Trading Services Dividend Multiplier, Oxford ...more


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Is Amgen The Rare Biotech With A Safe Dividend?
Amgen pays a $2.25 per share quarterly dividend, which comes out to a 3.3% yield. Biotech can be notoriously volatile, though, so can investors count on receiving the same dividend quarter after quarter?
3M’s Dividend Might Not Be As Safe As It Seems
The company has a stellar dividend-raising track record, not to mention a strong yield of 5.8% at current prices.
Is It Time To Worry About OneMain Holdings’ 8% Yield?
OneMain lends money to subprime borrowers, a category that currently includes 100 million Americans. The company operates in 44 states and has been around since 1912.
The Worst Stock In The World
The issue with MicroStrategy was that despite operating a software business, it had shifted its focus to buying and holding Bitcoin.
Can PennantPark Investment Avoid Another Dividend Cut?
PennantPark issues loans and provides occasional equity financing to middle-market companies, which are businesses that are valued at between $10 million and $1 billion.
3 Ways To Save Money And Build Wealth
People who are financially successful are often no smarter, luckier or more skillful than the rest of the population. What it usually comes down to is making disciplined decisions.
Can Investors Rely On BNY Mellon’s Dividend?
BNY Mellon is enormous, overseeing nearly $50 trillion in clients’ assets, which is equal to just under half of the global GDP.
Is This The End Of The Big Tech Rally?
On Monday, Charles Schwab released its monthly trading activity data, including a list of the most heavily bought and sold stocks in the month of February.
Brookfield Renewable Corp.: Can It Afford Its 5.5% Yield?
In 2023, Brookfield Renewable Corp. generated $1.1 billion in FFO, up from $612 million the year before. In 2024, FFO is forecast to soar to over $1.3 billion.
China’s Pain Could Be The Rest Of The World’s Gain
Instead of piling into Chinese stocks, investors looking for growth outside of the U.S. are now buying emerging market funds.
Not Much Love For Dominion Energy’s 6% Yield
In 2023 and 2024, Dominion’s free cash flow is expected to be -$1.4 billion and -$831 million, respectively. Meanwhile, it is forecast to pay out $2.2 billion in dividends each year
A Goldilocks Environment For Bonds
If economists and Wall Street are correct and the Fed lowers rates several times this year, bond prices will soar, because they move in the opposite direction of interest rates
How Risky Is Royalty Pharma’s Dividend?
Royalty Pharma just announced a 5% dividend increase, its fourth raise in a row. It has boosted the dividend every year since it began paying one in 2020. The new $0.21 per share quarterly dividend gives the stock a 3% yield
Bonds Are The Place To Be Right Now
If the economy remains strong and rates stay stable, bondholders will continue to enjoy stronger yields than they’ve seen in years...
A Perfect Storm For Oil Prices
Oil prices rose more last week than they had in any week since September. That was partially due to strong economic news – both here in the U.S. and abroad
Can You Trust EPR Properties’ 7.3% Dividend Yield?
EPR has paid shareholders $0.275 per share nearly every month since March 2022. At the stock’s current price, that comes out to an attractive 7.3% yield.
1 to 16 of 545 Posts
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