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Marc is the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club and Wealthy Retirement, as well as Founder and Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter. He also contributes frequently to The Oxford Communiqué and Investment U.

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GSL: A 6.5% Yield That May Not Be As Bad As It Looks
Free cash flow, which had been positive for several years, swung into the negative column in 2021 in a big way – from $77 million in 2020 to -$204 million in 2021. However, in 2022, free cash flow is forecast to boom.
Let Dividend Stocks Protect You From The Bear Market
The market has been brutal in 2022, especially over the past couple of months.
KMI: A Popular 6% Yielder With Deteriorating Dividend Safety
Kinder Morgan’s issues were a dividend cut in the past 10 years and high debt. Today, the situation is getting worse.
Are You A Short-Term Or A Long-Term Trader?
I started out on a trading desk where traders rarely held any positions overnight. They were day traders who got in and out of their trades in a matter of hours. Yet, long-term investing became my focus. Let's see what kind of trader you are.
HTGC: Is This 10.7% Yield Too Strong For Its Own Good?
Hercules Capital’s dividend situation is a bit unique because it regularly pays a variable supplemental dividend in addition to its quarterly dividend.
MAIN: Is This Popular 6% Yielder’s Dividend Safe?
Main Street pays a monthly $0.215 per share dividend. It also occasionally pays a special dividend, as it did in March with an extra $0.075 per share.
Is This 8% Yield Improving Enough To Avoid A Cut?
Sunoco began paying a distribution in 2014. It has never reduced the payout, but it hasn’t increased it since 2016 either.
ARCC: Is This 8.7% Yield Too Good To Be True?
Ares Capital pays a $0.45 per share quarterly dividend, which it just raised from $0.41. That gives the stock an impressive 8.7% yield.
CTO: A 6.6% Yield That Could Be In Jeopardy
After a dividend cut in 2010, the company has done an excellent job of raising its dividend since 2013.
The Perfect Investment For These Uncertain Times
History shows that time and time again, investors get back in very late to the party after the market has already climbed considerably from the lows.
CIM: You Still Can’t Count On This 11% Yielder
The REIT seems to alternate between growth and decline. That’s not good, and Safety Net penalizes companies with negative growth. It’s a sign that the dividend may be unsustainable in the future.
No Worries About The Dividend Of This 8.3% Yielder
I’ve covered Arbor Realty Trust in the past two years. In 2020, I said shareholders didn’t have much to worry about when it came to their dividend. In 2021, I called the dividend “even safer.” Now that it's 2022, where does the dividend stand?
MPLX: An 8.4% Yielder With A Steady Dividend Safety Rating
Investors should keep an eye on the company’s cash flow. If it falls this year as projected and then continues to decline, management may face some hard decisions down the road.
BHP: A 5.8% Yield That Will Be Volatile
Like many commodity-related companies, mining and oil giant BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) pays a variable dividend. And lately, that dividend has been large.
AGNC: This High-Yielding Favorite Just Got An Upgrade
Last year the company generated plenty of net interest income to afford its dividend, and it likely will again this year. The bad news is that management will not hesitate to slash the dividend when necessary.
AATC: An 8.6% Yielder You’ve Never Heard Of
The reason you’ve never heard of Autoscope Technologies is it has a tiny $32 million market cap and trades just 17,000 or so shares a day. The company pays a $0.12 per share quarterly dividend, which comes out to an 8.6% yield.
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