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Marc is the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club and Wealthy Retirement, as well as Founder and Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter. He also contributes frequently to The Oxford Communiqué and Investment U.

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YORW: Will This 200-Year Dividend Streak Continue?
York Water Company has paid a dividend every year for more than 200 years. It is believed to boast the longest streak in the United States.
Should You Bet On COVID-19 Stocks?
The biotech sector can generate very large gains for investors who know how to play it properly. Taking a smart approach will greatly enhance your chances of hitting some big winners.
Debunking 5 Myths About Penny Stocks
Penny stocks can be lucrative as long as you know what’s true about them and what’s myth.
DOW: A 6.7% Yield That’s A Victim Of Circumstance
The dividend safety rating of Dow Chemical may be a victim of its time.
A Stock With A Double-Digit Yield And Improving Dividend Safety
Last year, AGNC generated just $693 million in net interest income while paying out more than $1.14 billion in dividends. With the recent cut, the company is now forecast to shell out $895 million in dividends in 2020.
APTS: This 8% Yielder Just Slashed Its Dividend
The current economic and health crisis will likely result in lower funds from operations (FFO), which is the measure of cash flow used by real estate investment trusts like Preferred Apartment Communities.
My Favorite Stock Right Now – With A 6.4% Yield
My current favorite stock has a 6.4% yield and is the most attractive stock in its beaten-up sector. I’m talking about Wells Fargo.
ABR: Can A 14% Yield Be Safe?
As long as Arbor Realty’s net interest income comes in at or above its dividend payout, the dividend should be fairly safe. That could be a big “if”, as 2020 is not a normal year.
The Safest MLP On The Market
Enterprise Products Partners started in 1968 as a wholesaler of natural gas liquids. Today, it has 50,000 miles of pipelines, 260 million barrels of storage capacity and 22 natural gas processing plants.
Stocks Or Bonds? Try The Best Of Both Worlds
Stock investors have the opportunity to make considerable profits, but they have to take on risk in order to achieve those profits. Bond investors typically don’t have much upside, but instead they earn steady income with a high degree of safety.
ET: Can This 15.7% Yielder Afford Its Distribution?
The two issues affecting Energy Transfer’s dividend safety rating are its declining cash flow and high debt level.
PBA: Is This 7.6% Yielder Still Safe?
Pembina’s cash flow doesn’t cover the dividend, and it doesn’t appear that it will anytime soon. So the company will have to go further into debt to pay shareholders.
CVX: Is This Oil Giant’s 33-Year Dividend-Raising Streak About To End?
While Chevron’s dividend safety rating is low, I don’t necessarily expect a dividend cut this year. However, if free cash flow doesn’t rebound in 2021, the three-decade-plus streak of annual dividend increases could be in jeopardy.
A COVID-19 Downgrade Of A Dividend Aristocrat
In 2019, AT&T paid out 51% of its free cash flow in dividends. That’s just a hair above the new 50% threshold. If a payout ratio is above 50%, the stock’s rating gets dinged. That limit used to be 75%.
PSEC: A Likely Dividend Cut For This 18% Yielder?
Considering its high debt load, its likelihood of reduced net investment income, and its tendency to lower the dividend when times get tough, Prospect Capital’s dividend cannot be considered safe. Expect a dividend cut in the next 12 months.
Which Stocks Will Be The Big COVID-19 Winners?
It’s natural during a crisis… Investors want to find the companies that will help solve the problem and come out as big winners. The company or companies that do produce effective treatments and vaccines could make a mint.
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