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Former Financial Consultant and Senior V.P. of Investments for two national brokerage firms, and have managed more than $100 million. I've been doing investment analysis, financial planning, business development, motivational writing, seminars and personal investing for more than 30 years. ... more

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5 Fed-Fueled Stocks And "The Yellen Effect"
This may be another amazing first year in office for the new Federal Reserve Chair, and there are six companies including Apple that will benefit sooner than later.
EC Facebook Should Have Purchased GT Nexus And Move Supply-Chains To The Cloud
What was Facebook thinking when it paid $2 billion for virtual reality company Oculus VR, when it could have offered to buy a company like GT Nexus and built some real value into its repertoire.
Stock Jockey Likes Assured Guaranty's 52-Week High And Key Metrics
This specialty insurer is knocking the ball out of the park, pleasing shareholders substantially, and still looks cheap after hitting yet another 52-week high on March 13th.
E The Stock Jockey Likes Intel And Mattel
Intel is a buy for patient investors who can accumulate gradually in anticipation of the next round of surprises and positive announcements.
E Liberty Media's Mixed Results Mutes Shareholder Enthusiasm
Despite a decline in net income the media giant helped salvage its quarterly report by announcing improved revenue and affirming its 2014 guidance, but is this enough to reassure investors and boost the share price?
E Chesapeake Energy, Medtronics And The Downfall Of Tenet Healthcare From The Stock Jockey
These three companies have news, opportunities, spinoffs and so much more. See for yourself what golden opportunities their risings and failings can offer you.
E More Confessions Of A Stock Jockey
Is this a stock market high? Also covering what I have recently bought and sold, and why.
E Confessions Of A Stock Jockey
All that I've learned from my mistakes and successes as an investor, trader, speculator, financial professional, analyst and traveler down the road of self-discovery. Daily insights into what I'm buying, selling and why.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts