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Lars Christensen is a distinctive voice among monetary and emerging market economists. He accumulated more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector and banking before founding his own consultancy, Markets and Money Advisory, which helps ...more


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The Fed, The Yield Curve And The Outlook For Emerging Markets
Comments on the Fed rate decision, the risk of a yield curve inversion and the implications for global Emerging Markets.
Fed More Hawkish Than Meets The Eye
Comments on the FOMC rate announcement.
The 'Long Run' Is Catching Up With Emerging Markets
Reflecting on recent jitters in global Emerging Markets.
Here We Go Again: Brazilian Markets Take A Beating
Comments on the sell-off in the Brazilian markets.
RiksCrazy - The War Of The Swedish Krona
The 'war' between the Swedish government debt office (DMO) and the Swedish central bank about the level of the Swedish krona.
Stop Whining About The Weakening Of The Krona
Comments on the recent development of the Swedish krona.
Bitcoin - An Economist's Perspective
An economist's take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Time To Buy SEK, RUB And MXN? Our Indicators Say So
In this webcast, I have a look at the currency implications of our monetary analysis.
Mr. Draghi, Please Ease Up A Bit
Since the ECB started to implement a program of quantitative easing in January 2015, monetary developments in the euro area have been positive.
More Summer Musings On Demography And Deflation
I wanted to share some more thoughts on the impact of demography on the conduct of monetary policy. Here I focus on the impact on money demand.
View From Abroad: My Take On The Fed Rate Hike
No big surprise, but was what we got a promise, or a threat?
1 to 11 of 11 Posts