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Lars Christensen is a distinctive voice among monetary and emerging market economists. He accumulated more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector and banking before founding his own consultancy, Markets and Money Advisory, which helps ...more


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The Fed Has Not Gone ‘Crazy’, But...
the decline in global stock markets are a result of tighter global monetary conditions. On the other hand, the Fed has been right in hiking interest rates this year to fight inflation; it is not the Fed's job to support the stock market.
Venezuela's Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic
It wasn’t that long ago that socialists all over the world were celebrating Venezuela as an economic success story. Now, some assessments forecast inflation at as much at 3 million percent.
No Eurozone Country Has Done More 'Austerity' Than Greece
It is often said that Greece is to blame for its own fiscal problems. That to some extent is correct, but no other country in the eurozone has tightened fiscal policy more than Greece since 2011.
Expect More Headwinds For The US Stock Market
2018 hasn’t been a good year for the US stock market and we expect more volatility going forward. We might very well see new lows in the coming months.
Will Jay Powell Murder The Expansion In 2020?
The US money base is contracting and broad money growth is not very strong. Furthermore, even though nominal GDP growth have accelerated there are no signs that inflation is going to significantly overshoot the 2% target.
Inflation Risk Spooks Equity Markets
US inflation for January surprised on the upside today. CPI inflation was at 2.1% y/y and Core inflation at 1.8% y/y. Both are above the consensus of 1.9% and 1.7% respectively.
Winning The Crypto War
It would be difficult for anyone to imagine that a "currency" that often fluctuates 20-30% in value in a few days could gain widespread use as money. That is Bitcoin’s long-term problem.
A Guy Called Ben And The Monetary Transmission Mechanism
A key problem in discussing monetary policy is how to understand the monetary transmission mechanism.
The Cuban Missile Crisis – Lessons For Investors
Based on the Cuban experience, investors would be well advised to ignore the geopolitical reality show. Instead, they should focus on the growth outlook for nominal earnings – in other words, on nominal GDP. The leader to watch is Janet Yellen.
There Is No Such Thing As A 'Business Cycle'
Some claim ‘business cycles’ follow some kind of regularity, unrelated to macroeconomic policies and economic institutions. But we are fooling ourselves if we think there is a sense of a natural law that dictates we must go through booms and busts.
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