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Majored in Finance, Economics, and Data Analytics with 5+ years experience in options trading. Focus on fundamentals, with special interest in equity valuations and macroeconomic analysis.


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Intention Vs Impact: Jerome Powell & Elon Musk
The way we exist in the world has impact. Peeling an orange, walking in the woods, sitting in a coffee shop - all of these are a conversation between us and our surroundings.
Economic Outlook: Rubber Bands On A Watermelon
Something's gotta give -- or does it?
Credit Suisse: Great Financial Crisis 2.0?
Credit Suisse has a lot of problems don't get me wrong. But the people saying this is a Lehman moment are discounting how bad a Lehman moment actually is.
The Ethereum Merge And Energy Markets
There are two big things happening in the world right now, surrounding *both* energy and monetary policy - Central bank decision making and the Ethereum Merge.
Hypertakeflation And The Sportification Of The Fed
The Fed wants to direct the market to where they think it needs to go, because right now, it’s a game of chicken. The Federal Reserve is squaring up against the market. And someone is going to have to swerve first.
The Semantics Of A Recession
It really doesn’t matter that much - recession, not a recession. We are in an economic slowdown, that much is clear. Now it’s most important how we move forward.
People Are What Matters, Actually
What 75 bps and monetary policy really means. I think we often forget that the economy is really a bunch of people peopling around and trying to make sense of this world. So it’s going to be silly and dumb because people are silly and dumb.
Do We Need A Recession?
There are different types of recessions. Not everyone has to be like in 2008, and if the main goal is an economic slowdown and a minor system reset, that’s different than millions losing their homes and their jobs.
The Coinbase Direct Listing: A Crypto Signal
I think Coinbase is just the beginning for crypto. Does that make it a good investment? Maybe not. Is it a signal? Yes.
The Bare Minimum
The pandemic has exacerbated the already uneven outcomes between lower-wage and higher-wage workers. What will happen if we raise the federal minimum wage?
Summarizing Malcom Gladwell’s Talking To Strangers In One Slide
Here is my one side slide/infographic of Malcom Gladwell's book, "Talking To Strangers"
What’s Turning The Markets: The Fed, China, And Corporate Debt
The market is on a weird ride. Word play seems to be the market mover of choice recently, with several of the President’s tweets about specific companies or tariffs moving the stock market.
The Roku Story: How Far Can It Go?
Roku trades at a high valuation, especially compared to their tech peers. The company is issuing an additional 1M shares of stock that they plan to use toward working capital and general corporate purposes.
American Tower: 5G And Emerging Markets
Technological innovations such as 5G gives AMT plenty of opportunity to capitalize on growth opportunities. The company appears to be currently overvalued, but has the capacity to sustain growth well into the future.
Investing In The Disruptors: Profitability In The Age Of Monopolies
The market has entered into a period of relative uncertainty, as measured by the VIX. There are several ETFs that can be used to invest across the disruption industry.
Green Dot: The Drop Is The Perfect Time To Buy
Green Dot is accelerating potential growth prospects by investing heavily into their Banking as a Service platform and marketing opportunities. The company is potentially undervalued due to market overreaction and DCF calculations.
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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