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Majored in Finance, Economics, and Data Analytics with 5+ years experience in options trading. Focus on fundamentals, with special interest in equity valuations and macroeconomic analysis.


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The Bare Minimum
The pandemic has exacerbated the already uneven outcomes between lower-wage and higher-wage workers. What will happen if we raise the federal minimum wage?
Summarizing Malcom Gladwell’s Talking To Strangers In One Slide
Here is my one side slide/infographic of Malcom Gladwell's book, "Talking To Strangers"
What’s Turning The Markets: The Fed, China, And Corporate Debt
The market is on a weird ride. Word play seems to be the market mover of choice recently, with several of the President’s tweets about specific companies or tariffs moving the stock market.
The Roku Story: How Far Can It Go?
Roku trades at a high valuation, especially compared to their tech peers. The company is issuing an additional 1M shares of stock that they plan to use toward working capital and general corporate purposes.
American Tower: 5G And Emerging Markets
Technological innovations such as 5G gives AMT plenty of opportunity to capitalize on growth opportunities. The company appears to be currently overvalued, but has the capacity to sustain growth well into the future.
Investing In The Disruptors: Profitability In The Age Of Monopolies
The market has entered into a period of relative uncertainty, as measured by the VIX. There are several ETFs that can be used to invest across the disruption industry.
Green Dot: The Drop Is The Perfect Time To Buy
Green Dot is accelerating potential growth prospects by investing heavily into their Banking as a Service platform and marketing opportunities. The company is potentially undervalued due to market overreaction and DCF calculations.
Uber: The IPO Underperformance Is A Good Thing
Uber's initial underperformance isn’t pretty, but Uber has strong fundamentals, a good business plan, and is evolving into a super app, a trend that will serve them well into the future.
Infinite Games: Comparing The Combination Of The Value Of Defecting + The Value Of Los
Consider the infinitely repeated version of the symmetric two-player stage game in the following figure. The first number in a cell is player 1’s single- period payoff. The second number in a cell is player 2’s single period payoff.
Diving Into 5G: The Future Of Network Connectivity
Verizon was the first US service provider to tap the 5G market. 5G is currently a $21.5B market, and is expected to reach $85B by the end of 2023, increasing at a CAGR of 31.9%. Verizon has strong growth prospects and are currently undervalued.
Costco: Everything Is Right Except The Share Price
It is no secret that retail is struggling. Consumer sentiment and consumer credit are at all-time highs, but retail still lags.
Stacks Of Cash: A Game Theory Application Of What To Do When A Credit Card Reader Breaks
If you are like me, and don’t have cash at the grocery while the chip readers are broken, make it into a game theory blog. It passes thetime faster...
Easy As ABC: How To Trade Alphabet Using Options
Alphabet is a strong contender in the tech space, with several growth opportunities available to them.
The Boeing Company: Keeping It Plane Simple
Boeing has been one of the “Darlings of the Dow” for a long time.
The Key To High Returns: Ignoring All The Data
The government exited a shutdown and are expected to enter another one if things don't get resolved. March 2nd is the final day to figure things out with China, or tariffs go up to 25%. To say that there is uncertainty would be an understatement.
Microsoft: Reaching For Infinity And Beyond
Microsoft has moved line-in-line with the broad Software and Services index, and has outperformed the S&P 500 by 65% over a five-year time frame. The industry itself has promising growth possibilities, with estimates of 4% growth in 2019.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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