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Majored in Finance, Economics, and Data Analytics with 5+ years experience in options trading. Focus on fundamentals, with special interest in equity valuations and macroeconomic analysis.

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SBF Says "Sorry! Risk Management Is Kinda Hard LoL"
SBF has been doing media rounds and basically keeps telling everyone that he made a mistake.
What The Federal Reserve Got Wrong About The Labor Market
The Fed sees a gap in the labor market and the obvious solution to that would be increasing workforce participation rates but the fed can’t fix that.
The Federal Reserve And Big Tech's Reset
There has to be some sort of recalibration to risk-reward, and it seems like tech is going through that right now.
Elon Musk, The FTX Saga, And The Federal Reserve
Disinflationary data is coming through, but inflation is still a bright spot of worry.
Somehow, FTX Is Worse Than Enron
Really it just keeps getting worse.
FTX Collapse - Everything You Need To Know
It was about betting big - Every major decision they have made is related to acquiring more leverage - via deceptive fundraises, financial engineering, and ultimately, outright fraud.
FTX, Inflation, And Things That Keep Happening
The CPI was a pleasant surprise. Headline came in at a 5.4% annual rate in October. Core (excludes food & energy) was a 3.3% annual rate.
Intention Vs Impact: Jerome Powell & Elon Musk
The way we exist in the world has impact. Peeling an orange, walking in the woods, sitting in a coffee shop - all of these are a conversation between us and our surroundings.
What Is The Federal Reserve Doing?
There really has been a very fast pace of hikes, from basically zero at the start of the year to an upper bound of 4% as of yesterday.
Elon Musk And Misinformation
Twitter was entirely right and Elon Musk was entirely wrong: They had a binding contract, he had no good arguments for getting out of it, and courts tend to think that contracts matter even if Elon Musk does not.
Who Is Driving The Economic Car?
The markets are increasingly dictating policy as we saw in the U.K. recently. We are seeing demands for austerity, and demands of reconciliation between fiscal and monetary policy.
An Interview With SF Fed President, Mary Daly
"Even if we solve our supply issues and our demand issues, there's supply issues in the global economy and a tremendous amount of uncertainty. "
Economic Outlook: Rubber Bands On A Watermelon
Something's gotta give -- or does it?
Is The UK... Okay?
Markets did not like - stocks, gilts, even the 10Y all freaked out. Because if they do go back to tightening that could mean that no pivot ever.
The US Dollar Is A Tipping Domino
Raising rates and dollar demand: When the Fed raises rates in order to battle inflation, other countries and investors are like “wow the US is looking pretty solid! I am super into that, and want to invest! I demand dollars!”
Does The Fed Want More People To Be Unemployed?
Today we got the latest JOLTS report - Job openings fell from 1.1 million in August to 10.1 million.
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