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Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency Markets Overview
Most of last week’s forex action was centered on developing Brexit news. The European Union decided to extend the UK’s leave date—originally scheduled for last Friday—until October 31st.
FV Can The Lyft Stock Lift Itself Up After IPO Fumble?
Shares of Lyft got crushed in its first full week of trading, but why did this popular company stumble out of the gate? It comes down to valuation.
Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency Market Overview
With another busy week of trading news behind us, here are the hottest stories in the forex, stocks and the cryptocurrency markets for you to pay attention to.
Is This The Start Of Alt Season?
The market surged yesterday and many were surprised that it was caused by EOS. They always say the market is correlated to Bitcoin, so does this change mean a new alt season is coming?
Can Huobi's New Platform Keep The Momentum Going?
The Huobi Token seems to be doing well as it rose more than 50% in the last week. The most likely reason is the launch of Huobi’s new platform, Huobi Prime. But is that project launch enough to launch your portfolio?
Is This A Win For KIN?
KIN has seen sharp gains over the past 24 hours, but does that make it a winner?
Is Brave The Next Chrome?
Instead of talking about a cryptocurrency, we’re going to talk about a specific application: the Brave Browser, a crypto-powered alternative to Chrome and Safari. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the backbone of this project.
Can Wanchain Rule Them All?
Yesterday Wanchain announced that it would be integrating with the EOS blockchain for its project. That is great news for Wanchain fans, but what does that mean for the rest of us?
Stellar: What’s Moving XLM’s Prices And What Could Be Next?
StellarLumens hit us with two major stories these last few days and the trading crowd is going crazy over it. Well. sort of.
Is NEM (XEM) A Good Investment Opportunity?
Today we’re gonna talk about NEM, a blockchain platform that tries to do a bit of everything, from smart contracts to voting systems and enterprise blockchain. How’s NEM’s development doing? Are they on track to get a high grade from our analysts?
Dogecoin Is Adorable, But Is It A Good Investment?
Today we’re taking another look at everyone’s favorite meme: Dogecoin.This canine currency might have started as a joke, but it has outlived a lot ofserious crypto projects. But does that mean Dogecoin can get real adoption?
Can VeChain Take Over Likes Of IBM?
VeChain it’s a project that wants to integrate blockchain into global supply chains. It also has a smart contract platform, similar to ethereum, and a unique token model that distinguishes it from the rest.
Can Tether Pull TRON Higher?
The TRON team has announced a partnership with Tether, which will bring the biggest stablecoin onto the TRON blockchain.
What Does Evolution Mean For Dash?
Today we’re going to take another look at Dash, a cryptocurrency that wants to provide a decentralized solution for payments. Dash used to be the hottest kid on the block, but now it’s kind of looking more like a dinosaur. Do you want to know why?
Is Coinbase Starting A Ripple Flood?
On Monday, XRP was added to the Coinbase Pro exchange, putting the Ripple token within easy reach of millions of crypto users.
IOST Mainnet Goes Live
IOST, the Internet of Services Blockchain, has just announced the launch of their mainnet.
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