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USDCHF Technical Analysis Today – Ichimoku Cloud Strategy
Today I’m looking at the USD/CHF pair which is continuing within its narrow range between 0.9852 and 0.9971.
Why Is Holochain (HOT) Price Jumping? Is It Too Late To Get In?
One of the most interesting crypto projects - Holochain, which goes by the symbol, HOT - had a huge day on Sunday. What is Holochain and why is it different than everything that's come before?
Cryptocurrency Investing 2019 - What To Do With Your Crypto
While you may want to say a big ole “Buh BYE 2018!!” I’m here to say, "Not so fast." I know you may be mad at the crypto market for not delivering what you thought it would in 2018.
Cardano: Is Too Good To Be True?
Cardano’s ADA’s price action has been similar to that of many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the past year. It reached an all-time high in January 2018 and spent the rest of the year in the bear market.
A Look At Holiday Cheer In Crypto - How Long Will It Last?
It’s looking like a Merry Christmas…. At least if the past few days are any indication. And if you’re dreaming of a Green Christmas this year, you might not be alone. There’s no shortage of Holiday Cheer as crypto companies gear up for the holidays.
Dogecoin: Is The Cutest Coin In Crypto Market A Joke?
Five years after it launched, Doge is still going strong and outliving many more serious coins.
Crypto Overview On Bitcoin's All-Time-High Anniversary
Yesterday was the anniversary of Bitcoin reaching the all-time-high level of $20K.
Litecoin Analysis: Is The Altcoin Better Than Younger Altcoins?
Today we’re going to talk about one of the oldest coins in the market. Although Litecoin doesn’t have the privacy features or efficiency of other cryptocurrencies, it has outlasted many younger altcoins. Is Litecoin making a light come back?
EOS: Is This Futuristic Blockchain All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
It’s one of the most famous smart contract platforms, after a year-long token sale that raised $4bn dollars. Unlike Bitcoin, EOS transactions are fast and free.
Nano: Might Sound Small, But Does It Have A Big Future?
Originally named RaiBlocks, Nano is a fast, no-fee cryptocurrency that became world famous after the Bitgrail hack last January.
Binance Improves Security, Ready To Launch DEX - How's BNB Doing?
I must say, I’m pretty impressed with Binance’s new facial verification process when issuing you a new password.
Crypto Industry Updates: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Approval, UNICEF To Fund Blockchain Startups
Here’s an overview of what’s been going down in the crypto world.
How's Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) Drama Impacting Its Price Action?
There’s been more drama in the Bitcoin Cash Fork. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) has been fighting its way up while the “other” Bitcoins fight right back. So what’s been going on in what feels like a crypto reality TV show?
Ethereum's High, High Hopes May Be Shattering Down To $11
The future looks grim for Ethereum, and prices for it are back in double-digit territory, setting a new low that it hasn’t seen since early 2017.
Waves, A Surging Crypto In Stormy Days
It’s another stormy day on the market, and the tide is ebbing out again. Speaking of tides, there’s one cryptocurrency that’s still surging: Waves.
IoT Is Still Centralized And Vulnerable, What’s The Solution?
In 2018, the Internet of Things market has seen the total number of IoT devices that are in use rise to seven billion.
1 to 16 of 243 Posts
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