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I started my subscription service in mid-2009 because I could see there was no place where retail investors could go to easily find which oil and gas companies were creating huge shareholder wealth by using exciting new technologies, such as horizontal drilling, fracing and 3D ... more


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I Assure You, I Think This Stock Is A Winner In 2019
Assure Holdings (IOM:TSXv / ARHH-OTCQB) is just starting one of the biggest growth curves of any junior company I have ever seen. (sponsored post).
The Biggest Investment Theme In Energy For The Next 20 Years
Energy storage will be one of the biggest investment themes of the next 20 years. More and more power will come from wind and solar, and less and less from fossil fuels.
There Is Less Than One Day's Surplus Of Natural Gas
Natural gas supply and demand fundamentals have changed in a major way. In March there was way too much gas. By November there may not be enough, at least at these low prices.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts