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I started my subscription service in mid-2009 because I could see there was no place where retail investors could go to easily find which oil and gas companies were creating huge shareholder wealth by using exciting new technologies, such as horizontal drilling, fracing and 3D ... more


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Has The Elephant Left The Room?
What’s good for oil prices is bad for natural gas prices—and vice versa. So the negative oil prices that investors saw mid-April should be good for natgas supplies (down) and natgas stocks (up!).
Oil Volatility Cost Producers Hundreds Of Millions In Bad/Unusual Hedges
I’m about to open a small window into the arcane world of oil producers’ hedging. Oil producers routinely write way out-of-the-money hedges and pocket a small premium on a situation they know will never happen – like oil under $20/b or $10/b.
Two Theories On Why Gold And Gold Stocks Are Collapsing
The gold miners and gold itself endured a rough week last week.
The Only Pandemic Is Fear - But I'm Still Selling
Financial markets have an ability to discount (or predict) major events days in advance. Think of the market declines leading up to 9/11 – the S&P 500 declined 7.79% over the ten days prior. Now, over the past week, the S&P 500 has declined 12%.
Are Ridesharing Stocks About To Lyft Off?
UBER and LYFT are two disruptive leaders, like Facebook, that also stumbled badly in the public markets after their IPO. They bled cash profusely in their first couple quarterly reports.
Get Ready For Doubles And Triples In The Oil Sector In 2020: Peter Lynch
The sector that Lynch is betting on is oil and gas, he believes that stocks in this sector can be triples from where they currently trade.
What Are The EIA Oil Production Numbers Telling Us?
How fast is US oil production slowing? That is The Big Question that oil bulls are asking right now.
A Gold Bull Market Makes Fast Millionaires
Gold has had a great 2019. What I do really well is pick low cost producers that are growing production per share really quickly, and efficiently—just like I do with oil and gas stocks.
ESG Investing…for Resource Extractors? Is That Even Possible?
How do resource companies—those who extract large amounts of commodities from the earth—meet new ideas on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) investing? Sarosh Nanavati has much to say on the topic.
Solar Stocks Get Crushed As Interest Rates Find A Short Term Bottom
Can solar demand keep expanding without subsidies? Honestly, that is a tough one to answer. It depends on the region. It depends on the cost of energy alternatives.
Solar Stocks Are Hot
Solar stocks are flying – especially those that make and sell inverters, like Enphase and SolarEdge. It’s a grassroots demand scenario that has completely taken the market by surprise.
Refineries – Why I’m Not Ready To Buy
The big news out this last week was that Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES​) will permanently shut its South Philadelphia refinery in the next month.
Green Plains Inc Sinks Into The Red.. And Maybe The Black
These are dark days for the ethanol industry. It’s very much a different story from 2013-2015, when Green Plains was a great investment, and one of my biggest wins. It went from $4-$48 in two years, and I caught the run from $9-$30.
Are Shipping/Tanker Stocks Finally Worth Owning? A 3-Year Check-In
Shipping has not been a great industry – for management teams or investors – for several years now.
The Bull Market In Oil Nobody Is Appreciating
Heavy oil should – and normally does – trade at a discount to light oil because it is more expensive to refine. But now that gap is closing, and now heavy oil actually trades at a premium in many places around the world.
It’s Happening Now—And These Two Stocks Are Always First
Both Suncor and Valero have broken out. This is a solid indication that funds flow is coming back to the energy sector.
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