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Should You Get The KOLD ETF This Spring?
I want to tell you that you should short natural gas. I want to tell you that the $8.50/mcf natural gas we saw is crazy, that the price is going to come down. I want to tell you this because what I have seen is telling me this is the perfect setup.
I’m Investing In This Big Growth Stock At Just 8 Cents Per Share
This is where The Big Money is made—at the start of A Big Trend.  The Company has made a conscious decision to not expand further until they have positive cash flow—which happens at about an $8 million annual run rate.
The War That Saved The Market
The market is flying. Meme stocks are back. It is good times again.
Two Big Energy Plays For Investors
It is clear we need alternatives and renewables are not there yet. The only way to fill the gap is with LNG, especially if 7 million barrels a day of Russian oil gets embargoed! Here are two plays to take advantage of the situation.
What Is Driving The Bull Market In Potash Prices? And Will It Continue?
If you looked at the supply and demand of the potash market, you would think it's balanced. Demand is expected to come in at 73 million metric tons this year. Capacity is about 83.5 metric tons. That looks balanced, yet prices tell a different story.
Everybody Wants A Piece Of Xebra
Ever since his Xebra Brands won an injunction in Mexico’s Supreme Court on Dec. 1, allowing them—and just them—to produce cannabis and cannabis related products, he has been fielding calls from everybody.
Phosphate Prices Are High Already - Will LFP Batteries Turbo-Charge Them Even Higher?
Today I take a quick look at phosphate, a fertilizer. Like oil stocks two years ago, this sector was left for dead. Yet not only is its pricing up big this year, it has a potential extra catalyst: Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries.
The Natural Gas Vs. Oil Trade Long UNG/Short USO
The oil short is simple. If economic activity slows, oil demand slows. With oil prices already printing above $80, there is plenty of downside in that scenario.
Steel Yourself — Here’s A Great SPAC
Algoma Steel is going public (again) through a SPAC with Legato Merger Corp. Once the merger is complete, Algoma will be one of the cheapest steel plays out there. And because it is a SPAC, there is a very interesting way to play the upside.
The Only Shipping Trade I Want To Make This Year - Zim Integrated Shipping
Me and the Market both hate shipping stocks. Why? Because we regularly see management teams either buying options in their own deals or worse openly buying or selling ships from their own personal net worth back and forth to the public company.
EC An EV Trade That Actually Has Fundamentals
The numbers being thrown around are pipe dreams. But while 9 out of 10 EV names are rising on hype alone, there is the odd play with some fundamentals behind it.
2020 – The Good, The Not-So-Good And The Very Very Good
I have no idea what 2021 will bring. I think the reality of the 2021 North American economy will NOT live up to the post-vaccine hype we are seeing now.
My Biggest EV Trade Of The Year Explained In Simple Terms
Nano One Materials Corp. has been one of my biggest winners in the EV battery space this year, and it’s a good example of how I research stocks. Once they announced a big financing $1.15, I could smell a big run in the stock as the sector became hot.
Silvergate: A Pick And Shovel Play For Digital Currency On The NYSE
Silvergate is a picks and shovel play on digital currencies. They do not operate on the blockchain or even directly hold Bitcoin. Instead, Silvergate is a bank; in many ways, a plain vanilla bank—but one with a twist.
Why Is Gold Not More Volatile? (Because East & West Have Yin & Yang)
In 2019 jewelry demand was 2,122 tonnes. This is roughly half of overall gold demand.
Has The Elephant Left The Room?
What’s good for oil prices is bad for natural gas prices—and vice versa. So the negative oil prices that investors saw mid-April should be good for natgas supplies (down) and natgas stocks (up!).
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