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Author: "The Fairshare Model: A Performance-Based Capital Structure for Venture-Stage IPOs"
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The Fairshare Model is an idea for a performance-based capital structure that redefines capitalism at the DNA level, where ownership interests are set. When used to raise venture capital via an IPO, it balances and aligns the interests of investors and employees—capital and ... more


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The Fairshare Model: Raise Venture Capital Via An IPO
The Fairshare Model is for a venture stage company that wants to raise capital via a public offering. In it, there are two classes of stock. Both have voting rights; one trades, and one does not. Investors get the tradable stock.
The Drivers Of Valuation - The Video
Guest lecture from the recent Soft Land Expo.
Pre-Money Valuation; How To Calculate It
This video shows how to value a company through pre-money valuation, especially if the company may be an acquisition target with an emphasis on its value, not its 'worth'.
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