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Author: "The Fairshare Model: A Performance-Based Capital Structure for Venture-Stage IPOs"
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The Fairshare Model is an idea for a performance-based capital structure that redefines capitalism at the DNA level, where ownership interests are set. When used to raise venture capital via an IPO, it balances and aligns the interests of investors and employees—capital and ... more


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E A Better Way To Change Payroll Taxes
A better way to change payroll taxes is to reduce the employer share. How to pay for it? A minor transaction tax on stock trades and a tariff on imports.
E Applying Complexity Theory To Valuation
Complexity theory studies how simple changes affect complex systems. Valuation plays a key role in capitalism, a complex system.
E The Drivers Of Valuation
Analysts say expectations for future performance define a company’s valuation, and if the market seems disconnected from the state of the economy, it’s because investors are looking ahead. Here's another way to understand what drives a valuation.
E Making Sense Of Pandemic Valuations
With the pandemic induced havoc, how is that the stock market is not down more? And what effect will the downturn have on the valuation of startups? This is the first of three articles that discuss valuations and capital structures.
E WeWork IPO Meltdown Shows Public Investors Have More Valuation Risk Than VCs
WeWorks' IPO crash reveals a dirty little secret---no one knows how to reliably value a venture-stage company. But VCs have cure--deal terms that provide them with price protection.
E The Fairshare Model Performance-Based Capital Structure
A description of the Fairshare Model, a performance-based capital structure for venture-stage initial public offerings.
E What Is Venture Capital, Really?
There is disagreement on what constitutes "venture capital." The traditional view is that it is an investment by a VC fund--that excludes angel investments. The author of The Fairshare Model takes an expansive view--many IPOs raise venture capital.
E Should The Basis For A Pre-Money Valuation Be Disclosed?
If the SEC requires issuers to disclose their pre-money valuation, should it also require an explanation for it? If it does, here are two Top 10 lists: one of the explanations that you MIGHT see, and another of the explanations you will NOT see.
E The Case For A Valuation Disclosure Requirement
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission can help investors protect themselves from overpriced stock deals if it requires valuation disclosure in offering documents.
E An Allegory For What Troubles Developed Economies
An allegory illustrates what troubles developed economies have and hints at why dialogue about what to do about those problems has increasingly taken on a toxic quality.
E Reduced Employer Payroll Taxes: A Direct Path To Job Creation
Lower employer payroll taxes offer a direct test of the argument that lower taxes leads to job creation. A transaction tax on the sale of securities in the secondary market is the way to pay for it.
E A 2:3 Paradigm For Investor Risk In Venture-Stage Companies
How might one evaluate an investment in a venture-stage company? That is, one that presents high risk of failure and will require more money from investors in the future to survive.
E Applying The Formula For Happiness To Free Trade
Expressing happiness as a formula can help us evaluate why a rising number of Americans are unhappy about free trade and what might be done to change that.
E Are Free Trade And Shareholder Wealth Maximization Tarnished Ideas?
The gap between the return on capital and return on labor is at the heart of the political discontent that defines this U.S. election cycle. It is expressed in opposition to free trade and questions about corporate purpose.
E Applying John Rawls’ Theory Of Justice To IPO Valuation
When viewed from behind a "veil of ignorance," IPO valuations rely on a system that is unfair and unjust to public investors.
E Class Action Investor Lawsuit Raises Facebook IPO Valuation Issues
Investor lawsuits over Facebook's IPO valuation are now a class action. IPO valuation risk will rise as the JOBS Act reforms take hold. It should be mitigated with better valuation data and valuation elastic deal structures, not lawsuits.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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