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Justin Smyth is an independent trader with over 15 years of experience in the markets and the founder of nextbigtrade.com.  Justin primarily uses a trend following method called Stage Analysis to trade the markets.  He ... more


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A Framework For Thinking About Stock Market Corrections
We should be expecting to see a few 5% corrections a year. Even a 10% correction should basically be expected but should happen fewer than 5% corrections.
Big Winning Stocks Can Take Weeks To Get Moving After Breaking Out
A key point to remember about breakouts is that it may take 2 weeks to 2 months for them to consolidate the initial breakout before resuming trend higher.
More Thoughts On A Stock Market Pullback
There’s been significant damage in a lot of cyclical stocks since December. Steel, coal, shipping, and oil and gas are a few sectors I’ve noticed where stocks have been hit hard.
More Powerful Stage 2 Breakouts
There are still plenty of stocks breaking out on volume. Some IPOs that were beat up last fall have taken enormous volume and have broken out of bases.
Two Big Winners And One Failed Breakout
The great thing about the stock market is new opportunities will always be around the corner, you just have to be patient and wait for them.
Silver And The Importance Of Volume
Silver is set up for a potential continuation breakout if we see an increase in volume on the break above resistance around $17.
Stocks Are Stretched And Less Attractive While Gold Is Poised For A Breakout
The stock market is up big since October with only two down weeks over the last 3 months.
EC A Merry Christmas For Silver Miners
Things changed dramatically this week with big volume coming into more mining stocks with more of them breaking out of their consolidation.
The Ten Year Bear Market In Oil And Gas Could Be A Huge Opportunity In 2020
If you go back and remember the period from 2000-2010, oil and gas was one of the best performing sectors in the stock market. Since 2010 has been the exact opposite, a total disaster of a sector.
Small Cap Stock With Batman-like Police Device Attempts A Stage 2 Breakout
Wrap Technologies is an interesting company with a device similar to what you would see in a Batman movie. The stock has moved above resistance at $6 on 4x average volume over the past two weeks attempting to complete a Stage 2 breakout.
Luckin Coffee – A New IPO Breakout
Luckin Coffee surged last week after earnings and broke out above an IPO base with resistance around $22.
Kirkland Lake Gold On Watch For A Breakout
Kirkland Lake Gold reported earnings yesterday and its trading volume jumped to the highest level since early August.
Natural Gas In A New Uptrend
Natural gas is completing a breakout this week after breaking out above resistance at $2.75.
The Best Gold Stock Reaction After Earnings (So Far)
Gold and silver have been in a sideways correction since the start of September. Some gold and silver miners, however, have started to build the right side of their bases and move higher on volume after earnings.
Natural Gas Is About To Ignite
Natural gas is on the cusp of a Stage 2 breakout if it can get above the $2.75 level and continue to trade on heavy volume this week.
Here’s Why Tesla Shorts Should Be Scared In Time For Halloween
In 2018 TSLA tried twice to breakout above the 360 level into a new uptrend. TSLA is a polarizing stock with a lot of strong opinions on either sides.
1 to 16 of 54 Posts
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