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Justin Smyth is an independent trader with over 15 years of experience in the markets and the founder of www.nextbigtrade.com.  Justin primarily uses a trend following method called Stage Analysis to trade the markets.  He ... more


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Silver Did Something Today It Hasn’t Done Since 2011
Silver today traded over 4x the daily volume in the SLV ETF than the GLD​ ETF.
U.S. Dollar Ready For New Highs?
When everyone is looking bearish and a market holds support and fails to breakdown look out for the upside.
Short Term Lows Coming
The S&P 500 tends to put in a -5% correction or more 2 to 3 times a year.
Big Downside Reversal In Financials And How It Might Impact The Stock Market
There’s an old saying among traders that “no stock market rally will continue without participation from the financials”. This makes sense intrinsically because banks provide the liquidity from which the economy operates.
Chinese Stocks May Be Setting Up For A Big Move Higher
Corrections and bear markets produce huge opportunities.
Software Breaks Out IGV
Software stocks have showed great relative strength all during the market correction that began in October 2018.
Cannabis Stocks Back In An Uptrend
Cannabis stocks went on a big run after that announcement. But they topped out in October along with the stock market and many stocks in the sector went into a decline that broke below the 30-week moving average.
Gold Miners Bearish Reversal
GDX reversed hard right at the 21 level after the FOMC meeting and closed at the lows of the day on one of the biggest volume days of the year.
Watching For A Breakout In Gold
Assets that are typically the most inversely correlated to the stock market during bear markets have started exploding higher in the last few weeks.
A Window Of Opportunity For Gold
Gold and gold mining stocks are definitely worth paying attention to at the current time. They’ve consolidated long enough to shake out the weak hands and be ready for a rally
Tesla And Shake Shack: Two Heavily Shorted Stocks In New Uptrends
With the S&P 500 starting to move into a new Stage 2 uptrend after a near 6-month consolidation, many stocks across different sectors are moving higher in sympathy.
This Cannabis Stock Broke Out Last Week On Monster Volume
Cronos Group had a big week last week moving higher on almost 40 million shares traded for the week.
Twitter Breaks Out And How Stage Analysis Keeps You In Long Term Trades
Twitter closed at the high of the week last week and made a new 52-week high.
How Sector Leadership Has Changed Over The Last 20 Years
Choosing the right sector to trade is just as important as trading with the overall market trend at your back.
Leading Stocks Rejecting Latest Pullback
Almost all stocks followed the market lower when it went under pressure in late January. But as often happens in corrections, leading stocks tend to firm up before the rest of the market and start making higher highs.
Software Showing Market Leadership
Stocks that hold up during a market downturn tend to be the next leaders when pressure on the market alleviates.
1 to 16 of 29 Posts
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