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Justin Smyth is an independent trader with over 15 years of experience in the markets and the founder of nextbigtrade.com. Justin primarily uses a trend following method called Stage Analysis to trade the markets. He publishes articles ...more

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Big Trending Stocks Of 2021
A speculative period from Jan-Feb 2021 where many stocks went straight up into blow off moves. This was the culmination of the 2020 bull market.
Here’s How 2021 Was A Similar Stock Market To 2011 And What Happened Next
2021 has shown a striking similarity to 2011, as it has been another sideways, range-bound market. Both of these years were coming off of big winning years after major corrections.
Steel And Uranium Leading The Market
Sector participation is crucial and when a lot of stocks in a sector are moving at the same time that’s a sign of a sector that is under institutional accumulation.
The Best Stocks Tend To Breakout First Following A Correction
The S&P 500 had one of its biggest weeks of the year last week and this comes off the heels of two nearly -10% pullbacks in both September and October. This corrective period did a lot of damage to many stocks.
It’s Not Just About Buying The Right Stocks, But Buying At The Right Time
Profitable trading is not just about buying the right stocks. It’s about buying the right stocks, at the right time.
Three Actions To Take During A Market Correction
Market corrections give some of the best information you can find if you approach them knowledgeably. Here are three strategies you can use during the event of a market correction.
Silver Completes A Stage 2 Breakout While Growth Stocks Consolidate
After a move off of the virus panic lows in March and April, precious metals have spent a few months consolidating while leading growth stocks made big moves higher. Then in June, the S&P 500 started a consolidation and gold has broken to new highs.
Watching This Leading ETF For Market Direction QQQ
The Nasdaq 100 ETF QQQ has now broken back above the 30-week moving average after an impressive thrust off the bear market lows in mid-March.
Understanding The Stage 1 Basing Phase After A Stage 4 Decline $SPY
Currently, the S&P 500 is in Stage 4 having declined below a falling 30-week moving average over the last month.
Update On Gold
Gold has now consolidated sideways for around 9 months and is trading back above the 30-week moving average on heavy volume to start the week.
The Coronavirus Panic Proves Once Again The Danger Of Holding Stocks In A Downtrend
Oil and gas stocks are one of the worst performing sectors so far in 2020 with XLE​ down over -40%.
Thoughts On The Coronavirus Panic In The Stock Market Last Week
Amazingly plenty of leading stocks acted well last week with many stocks dramatically outperforming the S&P 500 and some even closing positive on the week.
A Framework For Thinking About Stock Market Corrections
We should be expecting to see a few 5% corrections a year. Even a 10% correction should basically be expected but should happen fewer than 5% corrections.
Big Winning Stocks Can Take Weeks To Get Moving After Breaking Out
A key point to remember about breakouts is that it may take 2 weeks to 2 months for them to consolidate the initial breakout before resuming trend higher.
More Thoughts On A Stock Market Pullback
There’s been significant damage in a lot of cyclical stocks since December. Steel, coal, shipping, and oil and gas are a few sectors I’ve noticed where stocks have been hit hard.
More Powerful Stage 2 Breakouts
There are still plenty of stocks breaking out on volume. Some IPOs that were beat up last fall have taken enormous volume and have broken out of bases.
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