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Nasdaq Sets A New High; Dow 20,000 Remains Elusive
While a few await tomorrow’s, job report we saw a mixed market with both price and volume ending mixed. Led by the FANG stocks the Nasdaq pushed higher while the Dow continues to chase 20,000.
Gains Continue As Volume Rises
Another solid day of gains as stocks build upon the years first day of trading. Volume was up on both exchanges in a good sign institutions are putting money to work.
Stocks Kick Off New Year With Gains
A solid start to the year as traders rejoice push stocks higher. After Friday’s dismal performance we were looking for further consolidation and avoid further selling.
Distribution Strikes As Dow 20,000 Eludes Again
Heavy volume selling hits the market as the current uptrend is now beginning to look shaky. Some selling is not out of the question nor are days like today.
Nasdaq Inches Out Gains; Dow 20K Remains Ellusive
Coming off the long holiday weekend the market got off to a great start. However, by the end of the session we were well off the highs of the session.
Weekend Update: Reviewing Some Current Long Positions
Let’s take a quick holiday weekend peak at some of our current winning long positions. Why not review any losing positions?
Stocks Stumble With One Trading Day To Christmas Weekend
The VIX index continues to remain near yearly lows as many investors are expecting future volatility to remain low. Heading into year-end it will be interesting to see how volatility reacts. Will investors change their behavior?
Stocks Stay In Tight Range And Close Lower
The Dow had its tightest range in recent memory as the 20,000 mark continues to elude the Dow. Overall, the market had a decent day with volume dropping on the session.
Financials Lead Stocks Higher
For the second straight day this week the market is able to find enough buyers pushing this market higher. The Dow Jones Industrial Average marked its 17th record close since the election as Financials lead the market higher.
Stocks Start The Week With Gains
There is no quit in this market as we see the market start the week with gains. Friday’s volume was huge due to options expiry as today’s volume was well off Friday’s level.
Top Current Holdings Update - Sunday, December 18
The overall market continues to trend higher and my current long positions continue to rack up the gains since their initial signals.
Big Wave Trading Weekend Update - Dec.18
Any sell off gives me a chance to rotate out of laggards and into new leaders. There's now no shortage of leadership and if the market starts ebbing and flowing in a more calm and sustained manner it is possible it could be a great 2017.
Traders Push Stocks Higher Post Fed
Volume ends mixed on the session, but stocks finish strong after the Fed raised rates yesterday for the first time in a year. We did close on the weak side of things, but the market was still able to hang on to most of its gains.
Fed Raises Rates; Sees 3 Rate Hikes In 2017
The Federal Reserve finally hiked rates, but surprised the market by indicating the reserve bank sees 3 rate hikes instead of 2.
Twas The Night Before The Fed
Stocks run higher as traders await the Fed’s decision on interest rates. A solid move today by stocks led by the Nasdaq as traders rush into technology stocks.
Dow Squeezes Out Gains; Traders Await The Fed
Small cap and Nasdaq stocks finally hit the skids with the Russell 2000 down more than a percentage point on the day. The Nasdaq closed down nearly .6% as Telecom and Utilities led the market higher.
1 to 16 of 112 Posts
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