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Stocks: Bulls On Parade
We continue to see a higher number of bulls in the stock market given the all-time highs. Many are chasing this market higher as they are likely worried about missing out on a stock market rally.
Bulls On Parade
A huge push from PFE to kick off the week as their vaccine trial data proved to be effective against SARS-COV-2. The initial bump from the news wore thin on the Nasdaq while Small Cap Stocks and the Dow were able to hold onto the initial gap.
Election Still Undecided; Nasdaq Pushes Higher
Stock Market bulls were happy to see the market continue to add to gains on Wednesday after the Presidential Election was held.
Stocks Continue To Work Sideways
A mixed market yesterday with large-cap tech leading the Nasdaq higher. The election is a major factor for many of those participating in the stock market.
Distribution Day Strikes To Kick Off Week
We are now two weeks from the Presidential Election and now awaiting news on a new stimulus deal.
Stocks Nearing All-Time Highs; Election And Earnings In Focus
Kicking off the week with solid gains the QQQs rose more than 3% on Monday. Nasdaq volume jumped above Friday’s level. A good sign large Institutions were active in Nasdaq names.
Small Caps Lead Market Higher In Light Turnover
Monday trading sessions tend to be on the lighter side from a volume perspective. However, given the level of price gains, we witnessed on Monday a rise in volume accompanying the gains was what we wanted to see.
Stocks Bounce To Begin The Week; Is The Correction Over?
Monday’s session offered a bit of hope for bulls as we saw stocks move higher. Volume was not overly convincing, but we did see the Nasdaq recover its 50-day moving average.
Weakness Continues As Futures Indicate Further Selling
Seasonality is in play as we continue to see selling persist. After such a long run-up it is not a surprise to see stocks sell-off.
Stocks Struggling In September
The biggest question the market is facing is whether the recent struggle will turn into something a bit more sinister. The long rally from the COVID-19 lows has been quite impressive.
Futures Indicate A Lower Open
September is historically a weaker month for stocks, and it is no surprise given the rise in prices a little pullback is here. The Nasdaq has been the clear-cut winner since the lows back in the Springtime.
Small Caps Lag, But Dow Finishes Strong
Another week of gains for the Nasdaq as AAPL pushes higher into new all-time high territory.
Nasdaq At All-Time Highs
The Nasdaq continues to be the clear winner in this pandemic. Volume has been what is expected from summertime trading: light.
New Month; Bull Market To Continue?
A big rally into the close Friday pushing stocks to the highs of the session.
Stocks Close The Week In The Red
We are in an interesting market given the retail crowd’s bearish stance and the professional crowd as bullish (as measured by NAAIM).
Stocks Reverse Course Finish Monday In The Red
Led by the QQQs the market gains evaporate.
1 to 16 of 178 Posts
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