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Joshua "MauiTrader" Hayes is CEO, President and founder of Big Wave Trading Inc., a Maui, Hawaii-based stock market advisory service. Hayes is a well-respected stock trader who combines fundamentals, technicals, psychology and money management to trade professionally for his personal, ... more

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New Month; Bull Market To Continue?
A big rally into the close Friday pushing stocks to the highs of the session.
Stocks Close The Week In The Red
We are in an interesting market given the retail crowd’s bearish stance and the professional crowd as bullish (as measured by NAAIM).
Stocks Reverse Course Finish Monday In The Red
Led by the QQQs the market gains evaporate.
Nasdaq Hits All-Time Highs
Another positive week for the stock market despite light volume trading.
Futures Mixed; Dow Futures Are Up While Nasdaq Futures Lower
Given the world is still in a pandemic this market is trying to find its way. Friday’s decline was noteworthy and showing two large distribution days should give traders pause on the current state of the market.
Russell Reconstitution Capped Off A Week Of Gains
Futures are set to open higher this week for the second straight week.
Retail Crowd Retreats
After last week’s hiccup, the market has stiff-armed selling pressure for now.
Cliff Diving; Is The Next Move Lower?
We have come a long away from the March lows as the pandemic accelerated. Through Federal Reserve action there is no doubt this market would be no where near where it stands currently.
Jobs Report Surprises; Stocks Rise
Another solid week in gains for the market last week. Capped by a better than expected jobs report Small Cap stocks led Friday’s gains.
Last Month Of The Quarter Set To Begin Lower
Capping off the last trading day of the Month Friday saw stocks pushing higher. We are living in a crazy world and the market will adjust to the shift.
Stocks Set To Soar
With hopes of a rapid rebound from the SARS-COV-2 pandemic traders have pushed stock futures higher to begin Tuesday’s Session.
Stocks Set To Rebound; Vaccine News In Focus
As states begin to open back up in a limited capacity the market is looking to digest what the future will look like.
Stocks Rally But Volume Mixed
Nasdaq led the market higher Monday with volume coming in higher than Friday’s pace.
Crude Oil Crashes; Dow Leads Decline
What a day for Crude Oil as the front month expired Monday prices closed at $-37.63 a barrel.
Volume Light, Stocks Fall Led By Small Caps
Volatility is the way of life in the market since COVID-19 hit. We will continue to see volatility as this market works out the new normal.
The Rebound Continues
We have seen the market recover from the COVID-19 lows set back in March. Fears over what the pandemic would do to the overall economy.
1 to 16 of 167 Posts
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