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Independent Analyst; Investment Advisor; owner of True Vine Investments.

I write a unique investing blog called The True Vine Letter and offer a more


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My Favorite Bond Fund For The Next 15 Years
If I had to buy only one bond fund today to hold for 15 years, VRIG would be it.
Strategic Thinking For The Next Metals Bull Market
Review of The Mining Investor's Handbook by Robin Brumby.
Overview Of The Semiconductor Capital Equipment Industry
If you are like me, you will quickly become lost at a semiconductor capital equipment presentation. Therefore, I took a deep dive into the industry to understand it and now I share what I've learned with you.
Important Stock Market Bottom Underway
Drawing the weekly trend lines on logarithmic scale charts and then switching the charts to monthly with the weekly trend lines remaining is a way to determine when the long-term trend may be at a key inflection point.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts