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My Top Pick In Mining
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did a study on the needs of new technologies versus the properties of various metals and tin came out on top.
The 3rd Quarter Interest Rate Test
Many investors have been scratching their heads over lower yields given Consumer Price Index inflation is running 5% and oil prices moving higher. The picture becomes clear when you look at the U.S. Treasury market supply & demand fundamentals.
EC Microsoft: Strength Upon Strength
There are three cloud computing service models, and Microsoft is a leader in all three. Its strength as a hybrid cloud provider is its extensive global network of datacenter infrastructure.
The Cost Of “Safe” Jurisdictions
Lately, I have been thinking about dividend paying gold producers as savings accounts at (real money) banks that do or can potentially pay much higher levels of interest than what is currently available elsewhere.
NEO Lithium: Next In Line
NEO Lithium is a fair value right now but longer-term there is considerable upside due to the inherent strengths of the 3Q project, strong technical team, and investment interest of CATL.
Smart Workspace Gives Dropbox Sprawling Potential
Dropbox started as simply a cloud backup and storage provider. For a company with a vision to make work better, it was a good place to start and we should not forget that it was the leader in doing so giving it a fundamental legacy of success.
The Most Important Thing To Understand
It is critical to understand what Fed bond (security) buying means for the economy and markets. There is broad confusion amongst the professional investment community regarding the details of just what exactly this entails.
Lundin Mining’s Strategy Has It Destined For Mediocrity
Lundin’s approach may have some advantages when it comes to eliminating some early-stage project risks and reducing various administrative costs but this is negated by them always seeming to have to pay full price for quality assets.
What Can We Learn From The 'Next 20' Stocks In The S&P 500?
Market commentators have talked about the top 5 stocks leading the S&P 500 Index, but what about the Next 20? I dig in.
My Favorite Bond Fund For The Next 15 Years
If I had to buy only one bond fund today to hold for 15 years, VRIG would be it.
Strategic Thinking For The Next Metals Bull Market
Review of The Mining Investor's Handbook by Robin Brumby.
Overview Of The Semiconductor Capital Equipment Industry
If you are like me, you will quickly become lost at a semiconductor capital equipment presentation. Therefore, I took a deep dive into the industry to understand it and now I share what I've learned with you.
Important Stock Market Bottom Underway
Drawing the weekly trend lines on logarithmic scale charts and then switching the charts to monthly with the weekly trend lines remaining is a way to determine when the long-term trend may be at a key inflection point.
1 to 13 of 13 Posts