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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association. He is the publisher and editor of TheDailyGold Premium, a publication which emphasizes market timing and stock selection, ... more


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Why Fed Insider Zoltan Pozsar Is Bullish On Gold & More
A discussion about why Zoltan is bullish on gold, the Fed policy, and an analysis of potential developments and scenarios that would be very bullish for gold.
Bonds Are Bottoming. Gold To Follow
Bonds have bottomed and these markets should put in a good rebound pretty soon.
Avoiding Risks: Buy Or Sell Big Declines?
A discussion on how to assess company risk. It’s different when analyzing a developer/producer and exploration company.
Gold Could Double From Here
An analysis of the move in gold.
Encouraging Action In Precious Metals
A review of the reversal in fortunes for the precious metals sector, where it has diverged from traditional expectations and rallied this week into the headwinds of negative macroeconomic factors.
Gold’s Stronger Than Normal Cup And Handle Pattern
A discussion about the price action in gold and how the technicals of the chart are in sync with a few key macro forecasts from the Federal Reserve.
Why Gold & Silver Are Weak Amid High Inflation
The market is a discounting mechanism. It looks forward. It anticipates. It discounts.
Reviewing Gold’s October
A discussion about the price movements and gold’s close from the month of October.
Gold Technical & Fundamental Outlook
Jordan Roy-Byrn joins Cory Fleck to share his outlook on the gold chart as well as to discuss the fundamental factors that actually matter.
Gold Stocks Very Oversold & Macro Picture
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck for some macro thoughts on the precious metals, and his takeaway from the recent moves in gold, silver, and precious metals mining stocks.
Real Bull Market Has Not Started…
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck with a quick comment on the short-term action in gold and gold stocks, as the stocks continue to underperform.
Relative Weakness In Juniors Vs. Miners & Gold
Jordan Roy-Byrne shares his outlook for the gold sector, mostly related to the stocks.
Gold, Silver, Dollar & Uranium Stocks
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share his outlook for gold, silver, and uranium stocks.
Dollar Bouncing & Impact On Gold’s Handle
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share his outlook for the Dollar and gold.
Relative Strength In Gold, Gold Stocks & Types Of Stocks To Buy
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck for a look at how gold has performed compared to gold stocks, bonds, and the US markets.
Strong Breadth In Miners & Silver Resistance At $28.50
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to outline some of the extreme short-term breadth levels in HUI and GDXJ.
1 to 16 of 51 Posts
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