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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association. He is the publisher and editor of TheDailyGold Premium, a publication which emphasizes market timing and stock selection, ... more


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Key Gold & GDX Levels After Last Weeks Selloff
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share the levels he is watching for gold, silver, and GDX.
Silver Outlook 2021 & Sentiment
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share the key levels to watch for silver.
Ignore Fed & Politics But Focus On This
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share his thoughts on using the Fed and news events to dictate your investments in precious metals.
Declining Real Rates & Gold & Silver Performance
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to look into the moves in real interest rates over the past month.
Is Bitcoin & Crypto Hurting Gold
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not hurting Gold.
Time To Start Accumulating Gold Stocks
Jordan thinks the next 4-5 weeks will be a good time to buy certain PM stocks as they form a bottom.
How To Buy An Overbought Stock
How to buy an overbought stock? There are several things to consider before buying. When buying, it is best to buy in tranches.
Gold Trending Down But Some Sector Positives
With the gold stocks and silver holding up better than gold we still need to consider what is happening with the US markets.
Gold & Gold Stocks Commentary Post 2020 Election
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck for a close look at the gold, GDX, and GDXJ charts and general commentary post-2020 election.
Gold, Silver & Gold Stocks Breaking Down
Jordan Roy-Byrne discusses the stocks and where the GDX could bottom and what recovery would look like.
What To Do During Corrections/Consolidations
The precious metals sector is now confirmed to be in correction and consolidation mode. This started about a month and a half ago.
Some Trimming Strategies For Juniors
A focus on the relatively boring gold and silver markets.
Metals Technicals & Powell Speech
Jordan Roy-Byrne has some comments for the longer term investor on the upcoming Powell speech at Jackson Hole.
Gold & Gold Stocks Tracking 2009 Analog
Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Cory Fleck to share some of his recent research on how the corrections during the last bull market in gold, over a decade ago, compare to the price action in gold over the past 4 days.
Gold & Silver: 3 Things You Should Do Now
Precious Metals have had a great run but they are going to correct now. Many juniors have been relatively weak since the middle of last week.
The Lower Risk Route To 10-Baggers & Some Truth On Warrants
Mickey Fulp shares the two main causes of 10-baggers & the lower risk way to catch a 10-bagger.
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