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The Next Big Breakout In Gold
A few months ago, Gold completed what, in time, will be viewed as the biggest Gold breakout in 50 years. 
Gold And Silver Bull Analogs
Gold is building on its cup and handle breakout, which has a measured upside target of $2900-$3000/oz.
Everything You Need To Know About Gold Stocks
After the introduction of Gold and Silver ETFs and a 13-year secular bear market, everyone knows gold miners suck. Here is almost everything you need to know, divided into a list.
Gold & Silver Correction Continues
Gold, Silver, and the miners declined this week but all remained above key support levels. Silver retested support at $26.30 and formed a bullish hammer today. Gold & gold stocks could decline more and test their support levels.
Gold & Silver Will Soar When Stocks Crash
The precious metals sector performed poorly during the last three bear markets in stocks.
Gold Corrections After Major Breakouts
Gold has reached the first of a handful of measured upside targets at $2350. It has another measured upside target of $2350 and the cup and handle targets of roughly $3000 and $4000.
Gold New All-Time High & Silver Inching Towards Major Breakout
Gold closed last week at another new all-time high in convincing fashion on the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly charts. The near-term upside targets remain at $2350 and $2500.
The Next Breakout Charts In Gold & Silver
Gold has broken out from a super bullish cup and handle pattern. This breakout is historically significant as it has tremendously bullish implications over the next decade. 
Gold’s Upside Potential In The Next 3 Years
​​​​​​​Gold’s breakout from a super bullish cup and handle pattern, which we have written about since 2021, triggers a measured upside target of $3000/oz.
Gold Stocks Strongly Outperform After Gold Breakouts
​​​​​​​The gold stocks have underperformed Gold for almost 20 years so it is extremely difficult to imagine they could outperform Gold.
Gold Cup & Handles Abound
Yesterday, Gold finally broke out from the handle and surged above $2100 to $2126. Gold had already made all-time high closes in quarterly, monthly, and weekly terms, but clearing $2100 made it official.
Gold Is Inches From Huge Breakout
Precious Metals surged today led by Gold’s 2% gain to $2096. It needs to clear $2100 convincingly to confirm an epic breakout.
New Indicator For Gold?
Gold to S&P 500 is the best intermarket indicator for Gold. How about Gold vs. Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a beta-tech or beta-risk on vehicle. If a melt-up plays out, Bitcoin will continue to outperform Gold and could go parabolic.
Ingredients For Huge Rally In Gold Stocks
Gold continues to hold above $2000/oz, but the gold stocks, which have failed to get any traction, grind lower as the stock market surges.
Precious Metals Remain In Secular Bear Market
Gold remains extremely close to a significant and historic breakout, but the sector as a whole is breaking down when measured against the stock market.
Gold Stocks Are Cheap And Hated
It is safe to say that gold stocks are hated, and who can blame anyone for their disgust? Precious metals have been in a bear market for 13 years, and mining margins have shrunk in recent years even as Gold has flirted with all-time highs
1 to 16 of 340 Posts
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