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Gold Is Where The Stock Market Was In The Early 1980s
Although gold has pulled back and its latest breakout attempt failed, it remains fairly close to the most significant gold breakout in 50 years and the most significant macro breakout since the S&P 500 broke out in 2013.
Gold & Silver Correction Before Macro Catalyst
Bank failures coupled with the anticipation of the Fed pivot pushed Gold to new monthly and quarterly highs, but the breakout move through $2,100/oz has remained elusive. 
Bearish Reversal In Gold & Silver. What Is Next?
A look at potential support levels and downside targets for gold and silver.
Gold Miners Follow This, Not Gold
The best indicator for gold stocks over the long run is gold against the CPI or the inflation-adjusted gold price. 
Best Junior Miners To Own In Gold Bull
Gold is inches away from its biggest breakout in 50 years and the start of a new secular bull market.
More Upside In Gold & Silver Stocks
Although Gold put in a bearish reversal on Friday and failed to breakout, do not expect the sector (and miners specifically) to begin a significant correction.
Gold To $4000 In 2025
Gold during the 2000-2011 bull market achieved 130% to 140% gains in three years at two different points. If we take the 2022 weekly low of $1645 and apply a 140% gain over three years, we get $3948 in October 2025. 
It Is Risky To Be Out Of Gold Market Now?
Gold is on the cusp of a major breakout from its super-bullish cup and handle pattern.
When Will Gold Stocks & Silver Outperform?
Gold mining stocks and silver are the riskier parts of the precious metals sector.
Watch These 3 Gold Indicators Now
If Gold can close March above $1953, it will mark the highest quarterly close ever and the highest monthly close in almost three years.
Two Roads For Gold & Both Are Bullish
Technically, gold remains in a bullish consolidation from a bird’s eye view as it continues to hold above the 38% retracement from the 2016 to 2020 rebound.
Gold To Breakout As Recession Hits
Gold’s winter rebound thwarted a 2013-like scenario. However, the sharp February selloff and nasty monthly candles reflect no bull market yet.
Beware Of False Breaks In Gold
Gold remains in a very bullish cup and handle pattern. It could trade down to $1600 and remain in this long-term bullish consolidation.
Gold Secular Bull Depends On This
Gold has enjoyed a great rebound and has approached its 2020 and 2021 highs. But the stock market has also rebounded and has outperformed gold strongly in the past few weeks. 
Gold Sentiment: Room For More Bulls
Corrections in gold tend to be limited to 8% to 10% at the most, while corrections in the gold miners tend to be limited to 15%. The exception is when you get a vertical recovery, like the one from the Q4 2008 low in metals and miners.
What Can Stop Gold Now?
Gold has been trending higher, and it's positioned above 200-day moving averages when charted against the stock market, bond market, commodities, and foreign currencies. Nothing will be able to stop gold when it breaks to a new all-time high.
1 to 16 of 308 Posts
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