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Interview: Gold & Silver CoT, Silver Crash, Juniors Risks
Jordan Roy-Byrne is interviewed by Korelin Economics, and takes different look at the metals sector. They discuss the recent CoT report, silver’s crash this week, and if there is going to be a massive clear out of junior stocks.
When Will Gold Bottom?
The stock market experienced its fastest 30% drop in history. GDXJ crashed by 50% within two weeks.
When Will Silver & Juniors Lead?
It has been a heck of a run for Gold since the Federal Reserve shifted policy.
Massive Reversal In Precious Metals But Fundamentals Improving
Silver, days ago, had a chance to make its highest monthly close since October 2016. That is well over three years ago. Silver closed the week and the month at its lowest levels in six months.
The Last Big Breakout In Gold Stocks & What It Means Today
GDX and GDXJ are consolidating bullishly within a now seven-year-long base. They are digesting recent gains while holding well above key support levels and are in position for an eventual explosive breakout.
Historical Analog For Gold Stocks
Concerning the stock market, the 1960s is the best comparison to today because that was the only other period that followed a secular breakout, but while the market was richly valued by the Shiller PE (CAPE).
Downside Risk In Precious Metals
The net speculative position in Gold has remained high for months while the 21-day daily sentiment index (DSI) hit 81%. Since the sector peak five months ago, Silver and the gold stocks have corrected in price while Gold has made a new high.
Sweet Spot For Gold’s Fundamentals
The most bearish points for Gold (aside from a blowoff in inflation) are when an economic recovery gains traction or when the Fed raises rates to combat inflation.
EC The Next Catalyst For Gold
The precious metals sector remains in a correction, and as long as the 200-day moving averages hold, a bullish consolidation that began last September.
Implications Of Reversal In Gold
Gold, Silver, and gold stocks remain well above long-term moving averages, and their uptrends are intact.
Gold Stocks Inching Closer To Huge Breakout
The sharp move in Gold and Silver last week suggests that the corrective low is in place.
Here’s The One Gold Chart To Watch
The potential massive breakout in GDX will be accompanied by the GDX to S&P 500 ratio attacking and breaking above that line of resistance.
When Will GDX Break-Out?
Gold stocks (and GDX ​specifically) are consolidating in a bullish fashion within a nearly 7-year long base that, if broken, will give way to an explosive, impulsive advance.
You Should Be Buying Gold Stocks Now
Macro developments, one way or another will tend to favor Gold. There isn’t a realistic scenario that isn’t Gold bullish.
Checking In On Gold & Silver Sentiment
The precious metals sector remains in a correction. The miners have shown some positive signs but are not ready to move yet because the metals likely have more correction ahead.
Gold And Silver Stocks Setting Up For 2020
The Fed has paused its rate cuts and Gold and gold stocks continue to digest and correct summer gains after reaching multi-year resistance.
1 to 16 of 188 Posts
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