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Gold’s Cup And Handle Pattern
The pattern is formed as a market, after an uptrend, corrects significantly but eventually bottoms and can rebound back to where the pattern began, the old high. Think of it like the letter “U.”  
Gold & Silver Headed For Bigger Correction?
For the most part, since August 2020, Gold and gold stocks have been correcting, so plenty of capital has already exited the sector. To a good degree, the markets have already discounted rising bond yields and potential economic recovery.
Will Gold & Silver Go Vertical In 2021?
The correction in price has ended, juniors are recovering, and silver is leading. This has led to some renewed excitement. But the sector hasn't broken out yet, and other than the junior silver stocks, the sector isn't close to a breakout point.
How To Find 10-Bagger Gold Development Stocks
When it comes to finding stocks with 10-bagger potential, most focus on small exploration companies or optionality plays. Few focus on the junior developers.
Gold & Gold Stocks Grinding Out A Bottom
GDX closed Monday at $34.29. It hit a low of $33.25 on November 24. There is very strong support around $33.00. 
Gold & Gold Stocks Bottom, But Relative Strength Needs Improvement
Gold and gold stocks have hit bottom. The correction, in terms of price, is likely over. Time will tell if they push to new highs, or chop well into 2021. Regardless of the outcome, the downside potential in price is minimal.
Buying Opportunity In Gold Miners & Juniors Is Approaching
The sector has corrected, and the bears are coming out. However, the risk now favors the bulls and even more so after Monday’s selloff. 
This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode
Gold stocks remain in a correction, even if the October 29 lows continue to hold into December. 
Outlook For Gold Stocks Post 2020 Election
GDX and GDXJ, while not as strong, have managed to rebound. However, they are approaching similar resistance.
Gold Bulls, Stand Back But Stand By
Precious Metals remain in a correction, and we’ve been waiting and waiting for a better entry point. After a spectacular four-month move, Gold and silver stocks still have not corrected enough in price and time. 
Prepare For The Coming Opportunity
There is a risk the metals could dump lower towards their 200-day moving averages. Gold has a confluence of solid support around $1775, and silver does around $20-$21. 
The Next Low In Gold Stocks
Most of the price damage has already occurred, but there is the element of time to contend with. That is how these corrections work.
Gold Stock Correction And Consolidation Continues
Commodities and precious metals are emotional markets, and this can make the medium to intermediate-term trends prominent and easier to define. 
Gold Ratio Charts Say This About 2021
The precious metals sector is correcting and consolidating as predicted, although some parts have been buoyant in recent days. Silver is one of those parts.
Correction Targets In Precious Metals
Precious Metals began a long anticipated correction a few weeks ago, but it was somewhat interrupted by news of Warren Buffett buying a stake in Barrick Gold. The Buffett bounce has passed, and the correction could reassert itself.
Lagging Gold Miners Signal Interim Top
Over the past few trading days, gold and silver gained 7% and 16% respectively, but the miners are up only 1% to 3%. GDX has gained 0.9%, GDXJ 1.8%, and SILJ​ 2.9%. When stocks underperform the metals after weeks of gains, they signal a coming shift.
1 to 16 of 221 Posts
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