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Inflation + Populism = Soaring Gold
Inflation is back, thanks to the past few years’ exuberant borrowing and currency creation. Meanwhile, populist politicians are gaining traction in Europe, threatening both the European Union and the eurozone.
Things That Won’t Change
A new president means that some things are about to change. But the things that won’t change are vastly more important. Debt, for instance, will continue to soar, which means financial instability will only intensify.
The Blow-Off Top
U.S equities have entered the final, blow-out stage of their bull market.
All Eyes On Italy
It’s rare for the world to worry about Italy. But Sunday’s referendum has the global Establishment on the edge of its seat.
Instability On The Horizon
Between political instability and financial misrule, 2017 looks ripe for another financial crisis. Gold is the best protection.
European Banks In The Eye Of The Storm
Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, the Italian banks… it’s getting ugly across the pond, and the worst is yet to come.
Markets Explain Facts Of Life To Fed
When will the Fed finally capitulate, abandon the rate hike threats and join the global inflationary party? After last week, that’s likely to come soon.
A Tough Time To Manage Money
In normal times, some asset classes are expensive others are cheap, making it easy to use historical relationships to decide where to invest. That’s not the case today.
It’s Not The Event That Matters But The Response To The Event
Brexit looked like the end of the world — until people figured out that central banks would have to ease in response. Then markets turned positively jubilant with US stocks, for example, hitting record highs.
Brexit Was Just The Beginning
Expect the UK to drop out of the headlines as it chooses new leaders and untangles itself from the EU. Fascinating and terrifying year ahead.
Gold Will Soar, Marijuana Will Be Legal
John Rubino and Financial Survival Network’s Kerry Lutz on why the gold bull market has legs and how to play it. Also why Libertarians will have at least one thing to celebrate after November’s election, when California legalizes marijuana.
Chaos Spreads To US Retailers And Italian Banks
Macy’s reports horrendous earnings and Italian banks finally reveal their non-performing loans. Share prices plunge accordingly. China, meanwhile, admits that it’s over-leveraged and promises to stop borrowing.
Okay, I’ll Say It: Run For The Hills
Combine record-high stock prices with weak corporate earnings, a too-strong dollar and rising turmoil in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the result is a dangerously vulnerable market.
Corporate Earnings (Among Other Things) Go From Bad To Horrendous
Goldman, Morgan Stanley and IBM release numbers that look, well, depression-like. Housing starts plunge, gold and silver spike, China’s bond market seizes up, and Deutsche Bank prepares to name names in its gold manipulation scandal.
A Potentially Brutal Earnings Season Kicks Off
Most US companies will report earnings this month, and most analysts think the results will depressing. That’s bad news for stock prices and might add to the pressure on governments to step up their stimulus programs.
The End Of Privacy = Risk Off And Soaring Gold
Between the “Panama papers” and the DC Madam’s customer list, we might be witnessing the end of personal (and corporate and government) privacy. The result? (Audio Length: 00:10:04)
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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