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How Can These Two Trends Coexist?
Lots of people are making lots of money out there, at the same time that lots of other people are too broke to cover their car payments.
NFTs Join The “Everything Bubble”
The true message of NFTs is not the emergence of digital art, but rather the desperation of an increasing number of people to swap their rapidly eroding fiat currencies for a scarcity of any kind.
EC Is “Temporary Inflation” A Real Thing?
More debt won’t delay the Big D forever of course, but it might move it beyond the retirement date of most of the current political class, and for them, that seems to be enough.
Well This Looks Disturbingly Familiar
The financial markets are being rocked by rising inflation and surging interest rates, which in some ways present an even trickier challenge than COVID-19.
If This Isn’t A Blow-Off Top …
With everyone everywhere throwing money at overpriced assets on the assumption that the government will bid those assets still higher, we’re witnessing the greater fool theory taken to its logical extreme.
The Number That Blows Up The World, “Everything Bubble” Edition
The current environment is similar to 1977, a time of rising but not yet runaway inflation, in which the mood is just beginning to shift from complacency to concern.
Is This The Biggest Financial Bubble Ever? Hell Yes It Is
The bond and money markets, made up of instruments that pay interest, are in the aggregate far bigger than the world’s stock markets.
Reddit Giveth, And Reddit Taketh Away
For just a little while – literally a couple of days – silver stackers saw the light of sudden riches at the end of the tunnel.
When Predator Becomes Prey
A few weeks ago, packs of Robinhood traders sent the price of GME from around $10 to over $450. Imagine being short that stock with millions of dollars of other people’s money, and you’ll understand Wall Street’s angst.
Is Bitcoin Strangling The Other Cryptos? Part 2: The Little Guys Are Soaring
The success of hundreds of other cryptos makes the “supply” issue extremely problematic for the bitcoin-is-money crowd.
Extreme Charts Week Ending Jan. 8
Inflation is suddenly spiking after decades of illusory quiescence. Actually there has been inflation, but only in “good” sectors like stocks, bonds, and real estate. Now price increases are migrating to the “bad” places like food and raw materials.
Overconfidence Meets Impatience To Set Up The Crash Of 2021
Commentary on America’s overvalued stock market can be found pretty much everywhere these days. These arguments are compelling, and are becoming more so as stocks keep rising.
Extreme Charts – December 2020
It’s official: This has been the weirdest year in US economic history. Starting with the shape of the recent recession, even 2007 — an odd one in its own right — looks almost normal when compared with 2020.
Is Bitcoin Strangling The Other Cryptocurrencies? - Part 1
Bitcoin has had a helluva week. And many of its fans see its recent spike as just the beginning of a run that converts it from cult favorite to global reserve currency.
Inflation Is Back, Big-Time
The conventional view of inflation is that it’s not only low but dangerously low and in need of aggressive stimulus.
Extreme Charts At Week's End
Given the number of states, cities, and industries that have been bankrupted by the lockdown, 2021 is likely to see an even bigger spike in fiscal stimulus.
1 to 16 of 646 Posts
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