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Plenty Of New Jobs — And Workers Are Still Falling Behind
Friday’s jobs report was about as good as it gets, in terms of the number of people finding work. February jobs rose a surprisingly strong 678,000, unemployment down.
Soaring Rents Eat Americans’ Wage Increases – And Then Some
Rent increases put the Consumer Price Index to shame, soaring an average of 13.5%. And within that already-brutally-high average, there were some absolutely astounding outliers.
Have Used Car Prices Peaked? Not Quite Yet
Since 2020, the price of a typical 2-year-old vehicle has soared by 50%, to nearly as much as a comparable new model.
What Happens When Soaring Prices Collide With Tapped-Out Consumers?
It’s entirely possible that by mid-year the big story will be not soaring inflation, but crashing consumer spending.
Buy The Dip Versus Sell The Rally
Stock market volatility has become ridiculous which is exactly what we should expect at this point in the cycle. ​
Bruce C: The Fed Is Getting Just What It Wants
Sometimes the best thing about a blog post is the comments it generates. That’s frequently true on DollarCollapse, especially when friend-of-the-site Bruce C is doing the commenting.
Wage Inflation Might Shock The World In 2022
For millions of young people around the world, work had turned out to be worse than pointless.
Stocks Tank, Gold Jumps: A Glimpse Of The Future?
Manipulations only work for a while. Eventually, fundamentals and common sense win out, even in the face of unlimited printing presses and trillion-dollar deficits.
How Long Until Inflation Breaks Germany?
Since the Great Recession, German interest rates have been consistently below the rate of inflation, apparently to encourage even faster price increases.
Charts For A Baffling World: Frappuccino Shock
Even though gas and coffee are what really rankle since they occupy so much of your new normal day, you’ve been hearing about how much more expensive food has become in general.
Housing Is Officially A Bubble
Bubbles are about more than rising prices. They’re also about behavior, to be specific behaviors that hardly anyone would consider wise in normal times.
More Tales From The Tightest Labor Market In Living Memory
Fear of a debt-driven deflationary crash has the Fed keeping interest rates at historically low levels while Congress appropriates trillions more in various kinds of social spending.
Spiking Australian Interest Rates Are A Glimpse Of The Global Future
With inflation soaring it became harder to manage the country’s increasingly unruly yield curve, and finally, the RBA just gave up and let the market decide how expensive short-term money should be.
Another Effect Of Higher Wages
After decades of stagnation, wages are finally rising.
Inflation Chronicles: Even Solar Prices Are Soaring
In a normal world, a spike in the price of one power source would allow the others to grab market share. But not this time.
Chinese Real Estate Imploding?
As Evergrande circles the drain, an anxious world is wondering if this is an isolated and therefore manageable problem or the first in a cascade of failures that threaten to pop the everything bubble.
1 to 16 of 685 Posts
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