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Wouldn’t That Be Cool…
Take a world that’s spinning out of control with debt, money creation and pretty much every other measure of financial danger flashing red. And what do you get...?
Pay-As-You-Go Government Is A Precious Metals Paradise
The coming world of frantic money printing and sluggish growth has a name: stagflation. And, based on America’s last experience with it in the 1970's, it’s a hard time to feed a family but a spectacular time to own gold and silver.
We’ve Been Here Before – And It Ended With An Epic Crash
It seems that the major market indexes that recently soared back to record highs are being elevated by an amazingly small number of stocks – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook to be specific.
How Pension Funds Die, CalPERS Edition
The hope is now that either an existential financial crisis forces the current national government to fold a pension bailout into a broader one, or a newly-installed Democrat administration rewards the public sector with a sector-specific bailout.
One Crisis Is Manageable. Five Might Not Be
World War One was the most destructive conflict in human history. But before it ended, the Spanish flu came along and claimed an even greater number of victims.
Who’s Getting The Biggest Bail-Out? Believe It Or Not, It’s The Gold Miners
With the exception of Amazon and Netflix, pretty much every big financial entity out there is lining up for a bailout. And governments everywhere are obliging. The money thus created is being spread around pretty widely.
Why The Gold/Silver Ratio Is A Useful Indicator
There’s a debate in gold bug circles over whether the price difference between gold and silver – the gold/silver ratio – tells us anything useful.
Is The Government About To LBO The Private Sector?
The leveraged buyout (LBO) of the private sector by the government will cripple the capital markets’ price signaling mechanism and bring innovation to a screeching halt.
Will Airbnb’s Implosion Trigger A Housing Bust?
It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Airbnbs were the next wave in hospitality, taking market share from hotels and motels and backed by a tech network that made running a virtual bed and breakfast fun and easy.
Finally, It Matters What The Fed Can And Can’t Print
Sound money advocates have been proclaiming that “the Fed can’t print gold” since the end of the last gold standard. But no one paid attention, fixating instead on what the Fed could print: trillions of dollars.
Deep Recession + Boomer Downsizing = Plunging Home Prices
Harry Dent, a newsletter publisher who uses demographic trends to forecast market movements, believes that even before COVID-19 blindsided the global economy, the US housing market was toast.
Now Comes The Real Crazy
A recurring theme of modern financial crises is the “temporary” nature of the extreme steps governments take to fix the system.
What Happens When The Pandemic Ends?
What happens when the pandemic is over and we try to resurrect something like normal life? The answer is that we run head-on into the one crisis that was completely foreseeable, which is demographics.
The Housing Bust Will Take Longer This Time
This time around housing is collateral damage. It’s expensive in a lot of places – frequently higher than at the previous cycle’s peak. But supply hasn’t run out of control, and pre-pandemic there were widespread house shortages.
James Grant: The Firemen Are Also The Arsonists
It took a pandemic to unmask the weakness of American finance. Distortion in the cost of credit is the cause of the raging fires at which the Federal Reserve continues to train its gushing liquidity hoses. But the Fed is part of the problem.
A Perfect Storm For Emerging Markets
When EM debt defaults, pretty much everyone feels the pain. Though it’s not clear whether anyone will notice, given what else is going on.
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