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As Solar Eats The Energy Sector, It’s Time To Revise The “Real Assets” List
In the energy market, there’s always a revolution going on somewhere.
Financial Markets To Federal Reserve: Is That All You’ve Got?
The Fed, as expected, cuts interest rates again. And – also again – Fed Chair Powell implies that he’s done cutting for a while. The financial markets – also once again – react like junkies contemplating their final hit.
Gold Seasonality Turns Positive – Prepare For A Big January
The gold market has a saying — “sell in May and go away” – for a good reason: Asians like to give gold jewelry as wedding gifts and tend to hold most of their weddings in the Spring.
Last Year’s Treasure Become This Year’s Trash
Not so long ago the US economy had some bright spots that seemed to justify a general sense of optimism.
Still Think There’s No Inflation? Check Out All The Affluent Renters
A growing number of affluent Americans are now renting.
The Fed’s “Insurance” Rate Cuts Didn’t Work. Now For The Emergency Cuts
Pity the guys now running the Fed. They’ve inherited an economy that requires ever-bigger infusions of new credit and ever-lower interest rates to avoid financial cardiac arrest.
So Much For Goldilocks
Under the surface, things are anything but just right.
The Global Debt Bubble Enters Its Blow-Off Stage
People have been talking about a “debt bubble” for some years now. They’ve been right, of course, based on the combination of surging borrowing and plunging rates.
Junk Bonds With Negative Yields
Investors are now extrapolating falling interest rates into the future and playing junk bonds for the capital gains they’ll generate when their future borrowing costs go down.
This (Completely Reasonable) Change In Investor Behavior Would Send Gold To The Moon
Mark Mobius recently made what seems like a completely reasonable suggestion about gold — one that if adopted by the broader investment community would send the metal’s price to the moon:
Check Out The Epic Battle In The Gold Market
It’s also generally believed (at least by gold bugs) that demand for physical gold will someday overwhelm these paper games, sending the metal to its intrinsic value somewhere north of $10,000/oz.
Europe Gives Up On Sound Money, Prepares To Join The Currency War
The currency war between the US and China will soon be joined by Europe, leaving most of us with nowhere to hide but gold.
Is Gold About To Get Whacked?
Gold has spent the past couple of weeks steamrolling technical barriers and reviving the spirits of long-suffering gold bugs.
If History Still Matters, Silver Is Poised For A Huge Move
It’s been a pretty good couple of months for precious metals, but more so for gold than silver. Both are up but gold is up more, and the imbalance that this creates might be one of the major investment themes of the next few years.
Finally, FOMO Arrives For Gold
A big part of the reason for the everything bubble was a sense that with everyone else making easy money, the worst possible fate was to be stuck on the sidelines, a sentiment known as “fear of missing out,” or FOMO. Gold has been left out till now.
Will A False Flag Iran War Cause A Financial Crisis?
Just a couple of weeks ago, the financial world’s biggest worry was the plunging price of oil.Then it all changed, and now the fear is that a major regional war will interrupt the flow of oil.
1 to 16 of 584 Posts
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