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Through intensive study, Jim has become an expert in working with IRAs and other retirement plans.  In addition, Jim has taken the extra steps to become an Enrolled Agent, which means that he is enrolled to practice before the IRS.  Adding to these specialties, Jim is an expert in ... more

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The Day I Was Asked If I Buy And Sell Gold
The only reason to buy gold is to re-sell it. It’s the valuation issue that causes the most problems for gold.
What Can A Broker Do For You?
You have choices when it comes to investing.
Babies From 1960: 2020 Is A Year You’ll Never Forget
The year 2020 is, for many obvious reasons, going to be a year none of us will forget anytime soon.
Coronavirus Stimulus Check – 2020 Income Wrinkle
The nature of the coronavirus stimulus check is that it is an advance refundable credit for your 2020 tax return (to be filed in 2021).
The SECURE Act And Student Loans
The recent passing of the SECURE Act brought about some changes that have impacted savers and retirees alike but those with student loans should take particular note.
Now that the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) has been signed into law, there are several things that you need to know.
11 Ways You Can Fund Your Roth IRA
Contributions from compensation income. These are your regular annual contributions to the Roth IRA account.
Are Social Security Benefits Changing In 2021?
In 1983, Congress made changes to the way Social Security works, in order to increase the probability of the system maintaining solvency.
Three Reasons You May Not Want To Convert To A Roth IRA
There’s been a lot of press surrounding the concept of Roth IRA conversions, specifically in the coming 5-6 years with our historically-low income tax rate structure.
Large IRA Planning Opportunities
According to a report from the GAO, in 2011 (most recent data) there were over 600,000 Americans with IRAs with a balance of $1 million or more. Suffice it to say, that number is bound to be much larger today, nearly 10 years later.
IRA Trick – Eliminate Estimated Tax Payments
Retirees: don’t you get tired of making those estimated tax payments? What if there was a way to send this money off one time, and then you wouldn’t have to remember it every few months? There is...
4 Ways You Can Make IRA Contributions – Without A Job
If you know the rules, you must know that one of the main requirements for making contributions to an IRA is that you must have earned income. For most folks, that means you have a job… but it doesn’t have to.
Are You Leaving Social Security Benefits On The Table?
It happens more often than you think. Without a good understanding of the rules, you might make a move that results in leaving Social Security benefits on the table.
401k Loans Double-Taxed? Not So Fast
It has long been an urban myth that when you take out a loan from your 401k that you’re being double-taxed on the amount of your loan… but this isn’t so.
Why Is Index Investing A “No Brainer”?
I generally recommend working with index investments when we have them available. In this article I will do my best to help you understand some of the reasons why I recommend index investing.
When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Early
I’ve often covered how beneficial it can be to delay receiving Social Security benefits as long as you can. But there are times when it may make more sense to begin receiving your benefit earlier…
1 to 16 of 61 Posts
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