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Through intensive study, Jim has become an expert in working with IRAs and other retirement plans.  In addition, Jim has taken the extra steps to become an Enrolled Agent, which means that he is enrolled to practice before the IRS.  Adding to these specialties, Jim is an expert in ... more


IRA Trick – Eliminate Estimated Tax Payments
Retirees: don’t you get tired of making those estimated tax payments? What if there was a way to send this money off one time, and then you wouldn’t have to remember it every few months? There is...
4 Ways You Can Make IRA Contributions – Without A Job
If you know the rules, you must know that one of the main requirements for making contributions to an IRA is that you must have earned income. For most folks, that means you have a job… but it doesn’t have to.
Are You Leaving Social Security Benefits On The Table?
It happens more often than you think. Without a good understanding of the rules, you might make a move that results in leaving Social Security benefits on the table.
401k Loans Double-Taxed? Not So Fast
It has long been an urban myth that when you take out a loan from your 401k that you’re being double-taxed on the amount of your loan… but this isn’t so.
Why Is Index Investing A “No Brainer”?
I generally recommend working with index investments when we have them available. In this article I will do my best to help you understand some of the reasons why I recommend index investing.
When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Early
I’ve often covered how beneficial it can be to delay receiving Social Security benefits as long as you can. But there are times when it may make more sense to begin receiving your benefit earlier…





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Don’t Forget The Saver’s Credit On Your Tax Return
Did you realize that there is a saver’s credit available to you for your contributions to retirement plans? There are income limits, but this type of credit can be exactly what you need to get you started on your retirement savings activities.

Work Experience

Blankenship Financial Planning, Ltd.
January 2003 - Present (16 years 10 months)

Financial advisory service, providing advice on all facets of individual and small business finances. Compensated on an hourly or project basis, much like an attorney. As a result, there are no minimums in terms of net worth or salary in order to work with me. This can also assure you will have "no doubts" when working with me - you pay only for objective advice, not investment or insurance products.


Eureka College
1981 / 1985
Computer Science