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Senior Account Executive, Grain Strategist
Mr. Gidel an Agricultural Economist with extensive experience in the brokerage industry analyzing and trading futures and options prices. Jerry began his career in 1977 as a Feedgrain Analyst & Consultant at FGL after completing graduate studies at Iowa State University in Agricultural ...more

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USDA April Crop Supply
Domestically, the USDA revised their major crop ending stocks as the trade was anticipating, but only soybeans were much higher the trade’s average.
Today's USDA Planting Intentions And Quarterly Stocks Reports And Their Impact On Prices
The US producers always seem to throw a curve into the Planting intentions each year.
S. America’s Crops Likely Lower, Will US Stocks Be Lower?
The USDA’s next US & World supply/demand & S. American crop updates will be on March 8.
Despite Small Crop Changes, S. America’s Weather Is The Focus
The USDA returned to its conservative approach in its February S. American crop production estimates.
South America’s Crop Updates Are The Market’s Focus
The USDA will be updating its US/World Supply/Demand & S. American crop estimates on February 8.
Weekly U.S. Ethanol Production Plunge Last Week
Despite the drop in output, the US ethanol stocks were reported at 25.815 million barrels, a 0.5% increase.
Low Fall Prices And Dryness May Lower US WW Plantings Further
With the world’s wheat either harvested or dormant, the upcoming US WW seedings could have a big impact if plantings are lower than expected.
U.S. Fall Corn Demand Is Up, But 2023’s Hefty Crop Jumps Stocks
This year’s larger US corn crop and lower cash prices has boosted both the US and overseas demand during the 1st quarter of this crop year.
US Fall Exports Dip, But December Stocks May Slip On Lower 2023 Crop
Despite last fall’s 92 million in reduced US demand, the USDA’s quarterly stocks are expected to lower than in 2022 because of the sharply lower US crop.
US/World Limited Stocks Changes Keep South American Output Important
The USDA’s December US supply/demand updates had some changes, but the FSA’s lack of significant South American crop declines left the major markets sluggish after the World Board revisions.
After The Recent Export Surge, US Ending Stocks Aren’t Expected To Change
The upcoming USDA December 8 monthly crop report hasn’t prompted much market talk.
Slightly Larger US Soybean And Corn Crops Prompts Small Stocks Changes
The USDA’s latest crop update follows a recent trend with both corn and soybeans US yields increasing during this month’s crop update after lower Sept & Oct updates. The higher yields upped November’s US corn & soybean output by 170 & 25 million bu.
Slightly Smaller US Corn & Soybean Crops Dip Ending Stocks This Month
After declining US corn & soybean monthly yields since Aug for the 2nd year in a row, the trade is expecting stability to a slight increase in 2023’s November Thursday report.
Lower Soybean & Corn Yields Reduce US Ending Stocks
This month’s lower-than-expected US crops, an ECB weekend rain event slowing 2023’s harvest & tight producer selling at current values combined for a dramatic short-covering rally in CBOT prices.
After Stock Changes, US Corn And Bean Yields Are Next Market Factors
The USDA’s final 2022/23 corn and soybean ending stocks and wheat’s unchanged quarterly stocks despite a larger 2023 US output had the trade rethinking the initial negative Sept 29 reaction.
Larger US Wheat Output & Soybean Stocks Pressured CBOT Prices
This year’s larger US soybean stocks and a hefty jump in US spring wheat output pressured prices on Friday. Corn’s final stocks were lower than expected while wheat’s Sept 1 stocks were similar to 2022.
1 to 16 of 312 Posts
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