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Senior Account Executive, Grain Strategist

Mr. Gidel an Agricultural Economist with extensive experience in the brokerage industry analyzing and trading futures and options prices.

Jerry began his career in 1977 as a Feedgrain Analyst & Consultant at FGL after completing graduate studies at Iowa State University in ... more

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Ethanol & Export Demand Are Strong, But Recession Fears Strike
The market has been fixated on the possible impact of outside equity, energy and metals markets causing a US recession vs the current corn fundamentals.
Black Sea And US Weather Factors In Crop Prices
The USDA’s US/World S&D updates were mixed with this month’s US ending stocks going down in soybeans, up in corn and unchanged for wheat for their 2021/22 balance tables.
US S&D Changes Usually Limited, But Strong Bean Sales Tightens Stocks
The USDA’s June 10 monthly balance sheets traditionally have modest changes after May’s initial US & World new crop supply/demand updates.
Lower US/World Wheat Stocks & 2022 US Corn Yield Surprises
The markets will be highly tuned to the planting progress and crop development of the North American, European and Ukrainian production areas with the winter wheat coming to harvest and the major row crops hopefully being seeded.
S. America’s 2022 Output Has Shrunk & US Export Demand Tighten Stocks
The US remaining plant season and Ukraine’s sunflower exports and output will continue to be market factors going forward.
Brazil’s Dryness Hurts 2nd Crop Corn, Tightening US/World Stocks
The US corn planting pace and how Brazil’s 2nd corn crop output proceeds during May will be the driving force in the world’s corn market.
US Plains Weather And The Black Sea Conflict Remain Price Factors
The impact of the ongoing Black Sea conflict on Ukraine’s harvest and trading activity will be a major factor in the world’s export flows and prices.
2021/22 U.S. Stocks Were Mixed So S. American & U.S. Weather Stay Important
Grain and oilseed prices were on the upswing going into the April USDA reports on concerns about the Black Sea conflict impacting world trade and weather curtailing both U.S. and South American crop prospects.
2021/22 U.S. Stocks May Tighten, But 2022’s Plantings Were The Surprise
Last week’s 2022 U.S. planting intentions provided some dramatic surprises when the USDA survey revealed sharply lower corn plantings & substantial jump in soybeans seedings than the trade expected.
2022’s US Corn & Soybean Plantings Had Big Surprises This Year
The USDA’s 2022 planting intentions have dramatically changed the US corn & soybean planting ideas and their 2022/23 balance sheets.
Pre-March 2022 Soybean Stock Update
2022’s planting intentions will get plenty of attention on March 31, but the perceived size of 2021’s crop & soybeans’ demand rate remain important.
Pre-March 2022 Corn Stock Update
The corn market’s focus will be split on March 31 between the USDA’s prospective planting and quarterly stocks reports later this week. 1st half corn demand is solid, but Black Sea access holds the key to the 2nd half.
Trade Focuses On Lost Black Sea Exports
The current Russian invasion into Ukraine has been the market’s focus the past week.
2021 US Corn & Soybean Output
The upcoming final US row crop levels for 2021/22 season being released on January12, will be important to grain and oilseed prices. Large changes aren’t expected, but slight declines in corn and soybeans supplies could occur like previous years.
US & World Wheat Stocks Rise While US Corn & Bean Stocks Unchanged
The USDA generally followed its traditional December approach to its US supply/demand updates.
Pre-December USDA Report - With Limited Dec US Demand Changes, New Covid Issues Grab Headlines
With no US corn and soybean crop size update, the latest concerns about the Omicron Covid variant impact on financial and energy markets has created a very choppy agricultural trade since Thanksgiving.
1 to 16 of 244 Posts
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