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Income Stock Of The Week: Xerox Holdings
Xerox is much more than a paper company these days.  
Income Stock Of The Week: ARC Document Solutions
What do you see every time you go out of the house, to the mall, the store, or just driving down the highway? Advertisement after advertisement, and most of them printed on paper. ARC Document Solutions is behind the printing of many of these ads.
Under $10 Stock Of The Week: Lincoln Educational Services
Lincoln Educational Services provides career-oriented post-secondary education to high school students and working adults.
Under $10 Stock Of The Week: Medallion Financial
While the latest “pause” from the Federal Reserve has markets rallying, rates remain high for borrowers. One company that has shifted its business strategy to address the needs of borrowers in this environment is Medallion Financial.
Income Stock Of The Week: Torm PLC
With over 80 vessels in all of the large-capacity classes, Torm operates tankers for transporting refined oil products and other chemicals.
Stock Of The Week Under $10: Virco Manufacturing
Virco Manufacturing is the country’s largest distributor of mobile furniture, including desks, chairs, and tables.
Stock Of The Week Under $10: Himax Technologies
Himax is what is known as a fabless semiconductor developer that focuses on digital imaging technology. They are a smaller player in the overall imaging drivers market with about 8% of the market share. 
Stock Of The Week Under $10: PHX Minerals
PHX Minerals acquires and develops non-developed oil and gas mineral properties, with a focus on active acquisitions and developing royalty streams.
Stock Of The Week Under $10: American Axle & Manufacturing
With positive noise around a possible resolution of the automobile workers (UAW) strike, it isn’t a bad time to start looking at auto related names.
Income Stock Of The Week - Xerox Holdings
Unless you’re of a certain age, you may not know the term “Make a Xerox.” And while documents are still being “Xeroxed” (or copied), the namesake company, Xerox, is much more than a paper company these days.
Under $10 Stock Of The Week: Envela
What do consumers do when they want the latest fashion, but inflation has priced it out of range? Answer, buy “used”, but authenticated, jewelry and watches from a company like Envela.  
The Buzz Around This Under $10 Stock Of The Week
Immersion Corporation is in the business of, among other things, making controllers more fun, keeping gamers engaged, and bringing new gamers to the table. 
The Stock Under $10 Piece For This Week
As we settle into October it’s the time of year to sit outside in the crisp fall air, hang out with friends, and maybe even throw a few logs on the outdoor fire stove. And that’s where this week’s stock comes into our idyllic picture, Solo Brands.
Income Stock Of The Week: Deluxe Corporation (DLX)
The business is scalable; I also like the fact that DLX sold off its lower-margin web hosting business.
Is Nvidia Headed Even Lower?
Popular chipmaker Nvidia saw its share price drop nearly 8% in a day last week. News came out that the company wouldn’t be able to export some chips to China.
Trade Of The Week: SNAP
Snap is a popular social media company that has struggled in recent months. The company recently announced it would be cutting 20% of its workforce, which sent the share price up about 9% at the time.
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