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Jay is the lead Options Portfolio Manager at Investors Alley. He is the editor for Options Profit Engine, an investment advisory bringing you professional options trading strategies, with all the bells and whistles of Wall Street, but simplified so all you have to do is enter the trades ... more

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Outperform Bonds By 50% With This Safer Trade On GM
The search for yield has been a long-term theme among investors, for more than a decade. Interest rates have been microscopic ever since the Great Recession, and many fixed income products have lost their allure.
FV Trade Of The Week: FCEL
There’s been a massive amount of unusual options activity in electric vehicles and related companies this past week. 
Is Palantir The Next Big Thing In The Tech Sector?
Although the U.S. elections are garnering most of the media attention, the bigger deal for investors is the potential success of a coronavirus vaccine.
Trade Of The Week: NIO
It may sound like a broken record, but there has once again been a massive amount of options action in Nio.
Are Chinese Stocks A Buy Under A Biden Presidency?
The market clearly seems to think a Biden presidency will be good for Chinese stocks, at least the large-cap stocks. Once again, this is highly likely due to the expected reduction or elimination of heavy tariffs on Chinese goods.
Trade Of The Week: Electric Vehicle Maker NIO
While most eyes were on the US election, Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio (NIO) is off to the races. NIO’s stock price has climbed over 37% this past week and is up a whopping 838% for the year.
Will SNAP Continue To Defy Gravity?
Earnings season has pretty much been a non-event this year, with investors entirely focused on the election and the COVID-19 pandemic.
FV Trade Of The Week: PINS
Idea-sharing social media site Pinterest is seeing a lot of options action after posting standout earnings.
Trading UBER And LYFT Now That They’re An Election Issue
2020 flipped the investment world on its head. Many stocks that had been investor favorites like UBER and LYFT heading into the year were forgotten in favor of companies that could thrive during a pandemic.
Trade Of The Week: Snap Inc.
The biggest action in the options market this past week occurred in Snap. The social media/video sharing company has become the best-in-class in the industry after posting outstanding growth and earnings numbers this past week. 
NIO Stock Price Is On Fire – Will The Run Continue?
2020 is a year that is mostly defined by the COVID-19 pandemic and the historically crucial presidential election. From an investor standpoint, there’s one more thing you can add to that list: the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market.
Trade Of The Week: Fastly
One of the market’s higher flying stocks this past month took quite the tumble last week. Fastly, a cloud, web development company, dropped nearly 30% in one day after lowering revenue guidance ahead of its earnings at the end of the month.
AMD’s Bid To Acquire XLNX Spurs Bullish Activity From Options Traders
2020 will go down as one of the strangest years in investing history. We’ve seen a bit of everything. There’s been a full-on crash and recovery (in stocks). We have a company currently worth over $2 trillion.
Trade Of The Week: XOM
It’s been a long time since Exxon Mobil has been in the news. The oil powerhouse used to be the largest company in the world, but now it doesn’t even crack the top 50 companies in terms of market cap.
MSTB: A Better Way To Get Broad Stock Exposure And Beat SPY
One of the more intriguing current trends in U.S. investing is the growing number of strategic ETFs that have become available to investors. Index investors have typically used ETFs like SPY to capture the action of the broader market.
Trade Of The Week: Datadog
Tech remains the most interesting sector when it comes to unusual options activity.
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