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I'm Jason Fieber, Mr. Free At 33. I became financially free at 33 years old by working really hard, living well below my means, engaging in strategic entrepreneurship, intelligently investing, and using geographic arbitrage to my advantage. I currently live in Thailand, where I'm making ... more


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This Dividend Stock Just Announced A Mammoth 20.5% Dividend Increase
I want to tell you about three recent dividend increases by dividend stocks that may have given a big boost to your passive income. Could these be the best stocks to buy now?
3 Stocks To Own Under President Biden For Dividend Growth Investing
High-quality dividend growth stocks have performed well under Republican presidents and Democrat presidents. That said, there are some dividend growth investing stocks that look especially appealing with Biden in the White House.
This Dividend Growth Stock Just Crushed Earnings (And It’s Cheap Right Now)
I recently came across shares of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII), which appear to be trading at a significant discount today. I valued shares using a dividend discount model analysis.
Buffett Sells These 11 Stocks: Is He Finished With Bank Stocks?
While Buffett is known as a buy-and-hold long-term investor, he does sell stocks from time to time. I want you to take the following information on stock sales with that in mind.
Buffett Just Bought $8 Billion Of This 5G Stock
Want to know which nine stocks, including some dividend stocks, that Buffett has been buying and possibly the best stocks to buy now?
This Dividend Stock Just Announced A Monster 23.1% Dividend Increase
Here are three recent dividend raises by dividend stocks that you need to know about. Are these possibly the best stocks to buy now?
How Kevin O'Leary Makes Money With Dividend Stocks
There's one word that I think you should always associate with Kevin O'Leary: Dividends. Besides his famous run on television's Shark Tank, he runs his own mutual fund company called O'Leary Funds.
This Dividend Stock Is Cheap (“Buy” Rating)
Fifth Third Bancorp is a diversified regional bank holding company that offers a range of financial services and products, such as deposits, lending, transaction processing, and advisory solutions.
This Dividend Stock Just Announced A Massive 20% Dividend Increase
Dividend raises are awesome. Who doesn't like getting paid more money? And who doesn't like getting paid more money for doing absolutely nothing at all?
This 5-Star Stock Has A “Strong Buy” Rating
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.​​​​​​​ is a major global producer and supplier of industrial gases. They’re the largest supplier of hydrogen and helium in the world.
The 3 Best Stocks To Buy For Safe, Growing Dividends
Stocks that pay safe, growing dividends tend to make for excellent long-term investments. Why? Because it takes a special kind of business to be able to reliably grow their profit enough to fund safe, growing dividends.
How Warren Buffett Uses This “Snowball” Dividend Stock Investing Strategy To Make Money
Would you like to know how Warren Buffett uses dividends to make money?
These 3 Stocks Just Announced Dividend Increases That Boosted My Passive Income
Here are three stocks that are increasing dividends paid to their shareholders.
This Stock Just Had A Massive Pop (But It’s Still A Buy)
Today, I tell you about a high-quality stock that pays big, growing, reliable dividends and give you the full analysis.
Top 5 Mistakes Investors Make In The Stock Market (Avoid These)
Here are a few valuable lessons for investors in the stock market.
This “Must Own” Dividend Stock Is Cheap: McDonald's Corporation
Today, I tell you about a high-quality stock that pays big, growing, reliable dividends.
1 to 16 of 39 Posts
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