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I'm Jason Fieber, Mr. Free At 33. I became financially free at 33 years old by working really hard, living well below my means, engaging in strategic entrepreneurship, intelligently investing, and using geographic arbitrage to my advantage. I currently live in Thailand, where I'm making my ...more


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HD's Valuation Is More Attractive Than It's Been In Years
For more on a high-quality dividend growth stock with a valuation that’s more attractive than it’s been in years, check out our latest video.
Down Over 20% - This Dividend Stock Is Cheap Right Now
Banking. It's one of the world's oldest business models. This is a business model that dates back thousands of years. And why is it such an old and enduring business model? Because it's a great business model.
Great Company. Huge Pullback. Looks Dirt Cheap Right Now
Mobility. It's part of the backbone of the American economy. If people and things can't move around, everything grinds to a halt. This company is a leader in legacy propulsion systems.
The Top 5 Stocks To Buy Right Now
Dividend growth investing can be profoundly transformative. That said, not all dividend growth stocks are great buys at all times. Focusing on the best long-term opportunities right now is what this video is all about.
Buy These 3 High-Yield Stocks If You're In Your 50s And Cruise Into Retirement
In your 50s and looking for age-appropriate investments? Fancy yourself some hefty income in lieu of big growth as you age? Want to glide into retirement and land on a sheet of big, safe, totally passive dividend income?
Buy These 3 Dividend Stocks If You’re In Your 30s
I’ve been investing for more than 10 years now. I started in my late 20s, and I’m now in my late 30s. So I have firsthand experience with how investing changes as you grow older.
Time To Buy One Of The Greatest Businesses On The Planet
These growing dividends are funded by growing profit, because this business is a leading home improvement retailer catering to the American Dream of homeownership.
“Strong Buy” Alert… After A Pullback, This Stock Is Dirt Cheap Right Now
Founded in 1988, BlackRock is now a $117 billion (by market cap) investment management behemoth that employs 18,000 people. With approximately $10 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world.
He Can’t Get Enough - Buffett Just Bought Over $1 Billion Of This High-yield Stock
Today, I want to tell you about the dividend growth stock that Warren Buffett just bought $1.3 billion of. Check out the video for full details.
Why I’m Not Concerned About A Potential Market Crash
The volatility we've been experiencing in 2022 has been off the charts. I've been investing for more than a decade now.
Crushing It! This Company Is Raising Their Dividend By A Whopping 76%
I'm not talking about just passive dividend income here. I'm talking about passive dividend income that's growing all by itself.
A Rarity: One Of The Few Stocks That Is Up In 2022 And Also Looks Cheap
An undervalued dividend growth stock should provide a higher yield, greater long-term total return potential, and reduced risk. This is relative to what the same stock might otherwise provide if it were fairly valued or overvalued.
Top 3 Stocks Paying Monthly Dividends And Paying Yields Up To 6%
One thing that bothers some investors is that most US-based companies pay their dividends on a quarterly schedule. Here are some high-quality dividend growth stocks paying monthly.
Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Of The Week: HBAN
2020 has been a year of acceleration. Trends that were already playing out before are speeding up. One of those trends is consolidation within banking, especially among smaller regional banks.
Three High-Quality Businesses Adapting To And Benefiting From The Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has been an extremely unfortunate event. Only companies providing the world with the products/services it demands are able to do prosper. These companies are some of the best in the world.
Has Christmas Come Early For Investors?
I’ve come to expect that the US stock market is unbelievably resilient over the long run. It’s a machine that bogs down from time to time, but it does chug along at an amazing pace when you zoom out and look at it over the course of decades.
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