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Commodity Trading Advisor; Weatherisk analyst & Meteorologist for 35 years for farmers, hedge funds, commodity traders, ski areas, and other industries. Short and long-range weather forecast expert with unique insights and use of in-house proprietary program CLIMATE PREDICT to second guess ... more


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E Why Cocoa Prices May Remain In A Bear Market For A While
Commodities are exploding but some markets like cocoa futures have little chance for a major rally. Expect to see further pressure in cocoa prices in the near future.
What’s Driving The Amazing Commodity Boom?
Commodity prices are having the biggest bull market in years. Is this a short-term spike or the beginning of a longer-term trend?
Why Grain Prices Are Exploding Again
A historical late April cold snap and drought in Brazil have caused another explosion in grain prices.
How April Can Be The Cruelest Month For Some Commodities
The cold US mid-late April has added to the bullish flavor in grain prices and has put a bottom in the natural gas market, for now. Cool April weather can often have implications for the summer.
Commodities Are Booming
While the U.S. dollar continues to fluctuate on fears about rising interest rates, inflation, and a strong economy, global stocks for many commodities have been tightening.
E Weekly Commodity Review, Climate Change, Rare Earth Metals And La Nina
As countries transition to low-emissions economies, we need to make sure we source metals in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.
E Natural Gas Prices And Seasonality Based On April Weather Trends
Natural gas prices have oscillated back and forth over the last few weeks as bearish spring weather has been somewhat offset but stronger LNG exports and lower stocks.
La Niña Modoki And Is The Commodity Boom Over?
After 10 years of under performance, commodities began booming later in 2020. Crude oil soared more than 100%, grains some 30% on global weather concerns and strong Chinese demand.
Bearish For Natural Gas Prices, Soybeans Deeper Into March
The wild swings in soybean prices are due to the very tight old crop stocks, reduced Argentina crop from dry weather, harvest delays to the Brazil crop and near record high Palm Oil and China soybean prices.
Green Economy And Renewable Energy - Is It A Good Time To Buy Some?
If you are familiar with option trading and believe in the Green Economy, these two stocks among others should be looked at longer-term.
1 to 10 of 10 Posts