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Publisher of the WeatherWealth newsletter: Commodity Trading Advisor; and meteorologist with 38 years of experience advising hedge funds, farmers, and commodity traders how to use weather to invest in grains, soft and energy commodities.



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Warning Of A Possible Top In Some Commodities
2 years ago

Grains bearish and possibly coffee and cocoa on changing weather and COVID worries. I suggest going to my website It could help you and you will find my newsletters interesting. Thank You


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Warning Of A Possible Top In Some Commodities
2 years ago

We have been in the top in some commodities, at least for the next few months (such as corn and soybeans, and coffee). Not sure which markets you are referring too

In this article: NRN
Weekly Commodity Review, Climate Change, Rare Earth Metals And La Nina
3 years ago

Hi Bill,

Scientists are able today, to look at C02 ice cores and measurements from not only 50-100, but tens of thousands of years ago. Certainly, technology today is more advanced than years back, but digging into ice cores, millions of years old can determine a lot about earth's secrets. I am a big believer in Climate Change and talk about it some in my newsletter Climatelligence. Happy to send you a free copy with an email address. All the best, Jim

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