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American author, social critic, public speaker, and blogger
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Mr. Kunstler has written numerous books, such as The Halloween Ball, An Embarrassment of Richesand Maggie Darling. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times Sunday Magazine and Op-Ed page, where he has written on environmental and economic issues.

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A Glance Ahead
What’s ahead — like a few months down the road? Hysteria and chaos.
Canada Shocks The World
I’ve said it over and over again: History is a prankster. It can surprise you at the darndest times.
Flying Blind
If you think we’re headed into a transhuman nirvana of continuous tech-assisted orgasm, social equity, and guaranteed basic income, you are going to be disappointed.
Rough Ridin’ With Biden
My thoughts on the unauguration.
Bait And Switch
Anybody else notice Joe Biden styling himself as Abe Lincoln this week?
1 to 5 of 5 Posts