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American author, social critic, public speaker, and blogger
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Mr. Kunstler has written numerous books, such as The Halloween Ball, An Embarrassment of Richesand Maggie Darling. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times Sunday Magazine and Op-Ed page, where he has written on environmental and economic issues.

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Podcast: Yakking With David Collum As The World Turns And Burns
In this podcast we speak with David Collum who often has surprising views on the the predicaments of our time.
Is Digital Tech Doing Evil?
A discussion about digital tech.
Forecast 2021 — Chinese Fire Drills With A Side Of French Fries (Jacobin-style) And Russian Dressing
My all encompassing forecast for 2021.
A View From The Brink
Welcome to the world where things don’t add up. Saudi Arabia’s largest oil processing facility was attacked, and for now, a fair amount of the world’s oil supply will be cut off.
Yakking With David Stockman About “Peak Trump”
In this podcast I talk with David Stockman about his new book.
The Ghost Of Christmas Present
Apparently, one additional world leader turned up in Buenos Aires without fanfare this weekend.
Forecast 2018 — What Could Go Wrong?
Financial markets have been surging supernaturally on “liquidity” since 2009 — and by “liquidity” I mean “money” supplied by the Federal Reserve, in rotation with the other sovereign central banks, BOE, ECB, BOJ, PBOC.
In The Dark
The debt ceiling law supposedly set limits on how much bonded debt the government could issue (how much it could borrow) so it wouldn’t go hog wild spending money it didn’t have.
Ready, Set, Splat
Le Pen wants to blow the EU up, especially the bureaucracy lodged in Brussels that has become a self-serving and self perpetuating monster.
The Elephant Cometh
The elephant’s not even in the room, which is why the 2016 election campaign is such a soap opera.
It looks like 2016 will be the year that humanfolk learn that the stuff they value was not worth as much as they thought it was. It will be a harrowing process because a great many humans are abandoning ownership of things that are losing value.
Fedpocalypse Now?
A generous view of the American predicament might suppose that the unfortunate empire of lies constructed over the last several decades was no more than a desperate attempt to preserve our manifold mis-investments and bad choices.
The Leviathan
The economic picture manufactured by the national consensus trance has never been more out of touch with reality in my lifetime.
Something Happened
Ben Bernanke’s memoir is out and the chatter about it inevitably turns to the sickening moments in September 2008 when “the world economy came very close to collapse.”
Fed Cred Dead
This ought to be an interesting week in the financial markets as the players have had a long, anxious weekend to absorb the death of Fed cred.
Muskular Magic
Only 6 percent of US electric power comes from “clean” hydro generation. Another 20 percent is nuclear. The rest is coal (48 percent) and natural gas (21 percent) with the remaining sliver coming from “renewables” and oil.
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