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James Byrne has been in the investment arena for 28 years. He cut his teeth on the trading desks of Wall Street in the Fixed Income Institutional Arbitrage area working on some of the largest global financial institutional sales and trading desks. Opportunity allowed a move to Kansas City ... more


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E Investors Awaiting Clues For Next Market Breakout Shouldn't Fret The Noise
The market sits at levels that appear fairly valued awaiting the catalyst to define the direction of the next move, higher, lower or sideways.
E The Word That Describes Investors' Outlook For 2017 Is Optimism
The combination of lower taxes, responsible regulation, a repatriation of US corporate profits and stimuli could lead to S&P earnings of $140.00-$145.00. We apply a 17 P/E to come to our twelve month target range of 2380-2465 year-end target
E Investors Should Stay The Course, But The Ride's Going To Get Bumpy
Theodore Roosevelt once was quoted, “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, the worst thing you can do is nothing”.
E The Federal Reserve's Tough Talk Is All About The Froth
Federal reserve policy commentary along with market overview and outlook.
E Investors Need To Remember All That Free Money Comes At A Cost
Severe pain doesn’t fade quickly and the memories have most likely changed behavior.
E In This Market Wisdom Wins Out
America continues to repair from the bruising of the great recession and corresponding responses which still leaves us at war in three countries and an economy stumbling along at a 2% + or – rate of growth. Or is it?
E Investment Portfolio: Time To Show My Hand
The market had been grinding and coiling for a number of months seeking the catalyst to nudge the market towards the path of least resistance.
E Investors Should Look Through The Clouds To See The Clearing Skies Ahead
Economic indicators pointing to better times ahead.
E For Investors The Big Divergent Is Coming
Divergent, convergent or a bit of both? Analysts and investors appear to have crept up too close to the forest to see the trees.
Investors Be Wary When Hedge Funds & Politicians Begin Playing With OPM
The early pain markets experienced appears directly related to people playing with OPM namely hedge funds liquidating and closing out positions.
For Investors Wary Of Sovereign Wealth Fund Selling And Commodities Weakness, This Market's A Slippery Slope To Navigate
Forget about oil and water not mixing, these days for investors oil and stocks don’t mix. The near direct correlation between equity markets and the price of oil has far too many confused.
Wall Street Crosswinds Are A Blowin'. Investors Should Get Ready To Trim The Sails & Search For Value
The economy remains in good, not great, mode. Job creation is still solid. Consumer spending and confidence are both gaining while low energy prices will provide trail winds that will remain supportive.So, let’s look at where we are.
In Today's Markets Investors Need To Stop Swinging For The Fences And Focus On Fundamentals
The US economy continues to run at below historical trend levels of 2 ¼%-2 ½%.Perhaps this is just the new normal until the next technological breakthrough.
EC Fear Shouldn't Be The Great Generator Of Ideas, There Are Better Times Just Right Ahead
With all the angst generated by elevated anxiety from a potential .25% basis point (1/4% of 1%) rate hike we have to wonder, have investors been captured or corralled into the Federal Reserve’s Habitrail?
Investors Must Remember Not To Be Symmetrical Thinkers
Investors need to take a breath, step back and take a bigger and longer term view of where we are, which still appears to be more of the same, a good not great growth story with very cheap and attractive financing.
Are The Chicken Little's Scaring Wall Street Investors Or Is There More Room For This Bull To Run
We are cautiously optimistic as we enter earnings season. Should earnings and guidance not meet our lowered expectations we’ll look to move to a more defensive posture and raise our cash allocations.
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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