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How Much Has The Coronavirus Pandemic Shrunk U.S. - China Trade?
The Biden-Harris administration has bought into the tariffs on Chinese goods, claiming they saved U.S. jobs, which means they won't be going away anytime soon.
The S&P 500 Rises To New Highs With Highest Reported Inflation In Years
Inflation ruled the headlines in the trading week ending on Friday, 11 June 2021.
Shrinkflation And A New Tool To Track Price Inflation In Real Time
Consumer prices are rising rapidly these days. Just last month, we found the discounted sale price of Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup had risen to $0.96 per can, a rise of 13% above pre-pandemic levels.
Relative Affordability Of U.S. New Homes Continues Rapid Decline
Median new home sale prices continued rising faster than median household income in April 2021.
Mostly Drifting Sideways Into Summer With The S&P 500
With the trading week shortened by the Memorial Day holiday, the S&P 500 mostly drifted sideways in the unofficial start of summer for the U.S. stock market.
Dividends By The Numbers For May 2021
The easiest way we've found to measure the relative health of the U.S. stock market is to simply count the number of dividend cuts each month.
Median Household Income In April 2021
Political Calculations' initial estimate of median household income in April 2021 is $67,788, an increase of $1,542 (or 2.3%) from the initial estimate of $66,248 for March 2021.
The S&P 500 Returns To 4,200 As Fed Starts Talking About Taper
The Fed's minions worked overtime early last week to convince investors the surge of inflation confronting U.S. consumers won't cause them to prematurely take away their proverbial stimulus bond-buying punch bowl.
Average New Home Sale Prices In U.S. Reach New Record High
Average new home sale prices are continuing to set new record highs. Initial estimates for April 2021 indicate they have reached $435,400, which is up nearly 5% from February 2021's initial estimate of $416,000.
Spring 2021 Snapshot Of Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
Standard and Poor's newest forecast projects a full earnings recovery for the index' earnings per share by June 2021. In addition, S&P is projecting much more robust earnings growth than they were three months ago.
Volatility Increases For S&P 500 As Inflation Expectations Go Into Flux
The S&P 500 may be entering a new regime for inflation expectations.
Visualizing Foreign Holdings Of U.S. Equities
How much of the U.S. stock market is owned by foreigners?
The S&P 500 Rebounds On Disappointing Jobs Report
The April 2021 jobs report was disappointing, to say the least. Instead of reporting that at least one million Americans had returned to work in April 2021 with the lifting of state and local government lockdowns in high population states.
Median New Home Prices Rising Faster Than Median Household Income
If you've been paying attention to home prices, this isn't news, but new homes are becoming less affordable for the typical American household.
Dividends By The Numbers For April 2021
April 2021 marks an unusually strong month for dividend-paying firms in the U.S. stock market, which is especially true if you look at year-over-year comparisons.
Median Household Income In March 2021
Political Calculations' initial estimate of median household income in March 2021 is $66,248, an increase of $244 (or 0.4%) from the initial estimate of $66,004 for February 2021.
1 to 16 of 751 Posts
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