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I have been actively involved in the Financial Markets since August 1987. After receiving my B.S. in computer Science in 1987 and his Masters in Business Administration in 1988 from MUM, I studied everything I could find on various Timing techniques and Cycles methods in the Markets, including ... more


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The Mars Opposite Rahu Crash Cycle
In our last blogpost, we focussed on the transits of Mars over the recent Solar Eclipse that triggered the current decline. In this post we focus on Mars opposite the Moon's North Node (Rahu) and its association with historic crashes.
8/10-11 Low Achieved, So What's Next?
We forecasted a decline from 8/7H into 8/11L+/-1 day, which has now occurred, what's next?
The Active Dominant Cycle:1/27 Major High
I found an “active or dominant” cycle, which has been in the markets since the 6/27/16L. It predicted the 8/15/16H, 9/7/16H, 11/4/16L and more recently, the 1/6/17H and 1/12L. It is now looking for a 1/27 major swing High+/-1
Raj T&C 2016 Year In Review & Forecasting 2017
Happy New Year! We should decline into our 12/30-1/3 time CIT (Change in Trend) Low and start another rally into XXX major swing High. Below are some of the 2016 highlights, shown in the public links at: http://timeandcycles.blogspot.com
Bulls Be Aware! 2245 SPX+/-5 Is Major Long Term Resistance
We have rallied into major long term 19 year old major trend line resistance that started from the 10/28/97L,touched 10/8/98L, 3/22/01L, 3/19/02H, 10/11/07H, 5/20/15H, all major Highs and Lows! and now 12/07/16H at 2241.63 SPX.
The Dominant Alternating Cycle
The dominant 47 TD (Trading Days) alternating High and Low cycle has been in the markets since late September 2015 and suggests a 11/08/16 Election Low, with a minimum 2093 SPX channel Target.
10/10 Short Term Low
Monday 10/10+/-1 should be the next short term Low and we rally into the next Time and Cycle Cluster High.
9/23 Swing High!
9/23 +/-1 is the next swing High and the start of a relatively sharp decline.
Raj T&C Review And Forecast Sep 9 2016
We have been stuck in a 2 month boring, choppy sideways channel, but any break of that channel support at 2165/ES or 2167 SPX will be a CIT. I had a Time and Cycle Cluster due in the 1st week of September and 2 timing CITs for that to occur: 9/6-7 or 9/12. The 9/7 High is looking good right now.
The Dominant Cycle Has 6/24-27 As The Next Cycle Low
The dominant cycle is looking for a 6/24-27 swing Low at the 6/27 Geometric Time CIT, chop around and then start a new rally phase.
The Dominant Cycle 6/10 Major High Of The Month +/-2
We make a 6/10+/-2 major swing High of the Month and start a volatile decline. The dominant cycle is a historic cycle that predicts exact Highs and Lows +/-1-2 days. The cycle suggests to be prepared for some large volatile swings, both Up and down in the coming weeks.
In Memory Of My Good Friend And Mentor, Mr. James Brock
James was a truly unique, brilliant, religious and spiritual man with many insights in Life.
So Far, So Good.
The dominant Cycle continues to outperform...
The Dominant Cycle Is Now Projecting A 5/19-20 Swing Low
The dominant cycle is looking for a 5/19-20 swing Low and then projects a rally phase into the next cycle High. It has a market map laid out for the next couple of weeks and months.
5/4 Quick Time And Cycles Update
Quick Update on the SPX markets
The Mini Crash Low Was Supposed To Be A 5/4 Crash Low!
The Mini crash Low was supposed to be a 5/4 Crash Low, but it looks like it will be a "normal" Low, which is still a decent Low to trade.
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