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I have been actively involved in the Financial Markets since August 1987. After receiving my B.S. in computer Science in 1987 and his Masters in Business Administration in 1988 from MUM, I studied everything I could find on various Timing techniques and Cycles methods in the Markets, including ... more


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The Dominant Active Cycle: Major High Of The Year
Ideally, we are seeing this last gasp rally into 2/8 High+/-4 CD, as the dominant active cycle is suggesting. These cycles are rare finds these days, probably due to manipulation.
Last Gasp Rally Phase?
We have had some wildly volatile couple of weeks recently.
January 4, 2021 Is Our Next Time And Cycle High
The SPX ​​​​​​​gapped higher to fresh All-time Highs at the opening 9.30 High at 3769.99 SPX today, right at our outstanding 3760-65 SPX Triangle target we had for many weeks.
Put A Fork In It
This chart says it all...
Markets Are At 11 Yr, 33 Yr And 50 Year Long Term Channel Resistance
Market review.
The Inverted Master Cycle Predicts An 8/7-10 High At The 8/7-10 T&C Cluster
We are rallying into the 8/7-10 Time and Cycle Cluster at the 8/7-10 Inverted Master Cycle High, suggesting an 8/7-10 swing High being made.
Inverted Master Cycle
Any rally above 7/13H confirms the Master Cycle (MC) is incorrect or inverted.
The Powerful Master Cycle, You Won't Believe What Will Happen Next
From the 6/15L & 6/22L, we see another rally phase. The MC shows the exact path forwards, with all the major swing Highs and Lows.
Two Hourly Time CITs Are Due In The Coming Week
Markets have been in a volatile 180 SP's sideways channel for the last seven weeks. The last hourly time Geometric CIT (Change in Trend) was the May 18 high of day, and we saw a decline the next day into the close. The next hourly time CIT is due.
The Flash Crash Cycle Is Due In May 2020
The next Flash crash cycle is due late May 2020. Some were misses, but in general, it is a regular 1 1/2 year cycle to be reckoned with. The Flash crash (FC) cycle, once active sees an average 12-16% decline.
The Next Hourly Time CIT Was The Last Hour High Yesterday
The next hourly time CIT was the last hour High yesterday, right at Key MOB resistance and with various negative divergences, that was a decent time to short. It doesn't get better than that for daytraders.
The Next Hourly Time CIT
Markets remain in an hourly down channel. The last hourly CIT was the close of Friday 3/13H.
The Inverted And 282 TD Cycle Suggests A 2/12 Swing High
The markets rallied into an 11 year Long term channel resistance, since 3/06/09L, at the 3380 SPX area at the 2/12/20H, combined with the active inverted and the dominant 282 TD cycle.
The Master Cycle Predicts A 11/14/19 Major High+/-2
The active Master cycle predicted the 8/5L, 9/12H-2 and 10/3L and predicted the rally to last 29 trading days from the 10/3L(=11/13H) and be “in a channel for 26 trading days" (=11/15H).
The Master Cycle Is Active And Dominant
The Master cycle is unfolding with amazing precision on a daily basis as it recently predicted an 8/5L, 8/8H, 8/12L, then volatile chop, with an 8/13H, then another decline, which we are now seeing.
A Crash Wave Is Possible In August 2019
We decline into the 8/5 Time and Cycle Cluster and make a swing Low, but be alert we could see a sharp crash like decline in the coming weeks.
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