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My passion is understanding causes and effects within complex system / environments of all kinds. As a native German who partially grew up in Italy and England, spent 12 years in the United States and choose to settle in Singapore I am fascinated how people are shaped by their environments and ... more


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Prepare Now To Survive The Aftermath Of The Next Global Financial Crisis
Our latest guest is Jim Rickards, best-selling author of Currency Wars. We talk about his latest book, Aftermath, and how we can prepare to survive the aftermath of the next global financial crisis.
Watch Palladium Closely: Achilles' Heel Of The Paper Metals Markets
Craig Hemke sees risks in the palladium market that could unravel the paper metals market.
Next Crisis Will Be A Crisis Of Our Monetary System
Ronald Stoferle discusses how the "honeymoon" between the US and China is over and why the dollar's reserve currency status is being challenged by de-dollarization actions globally.
Electric Vehicle Revolution: Game Over For Petrol/Diesel Vehicles
Mike Beck was dead-on about the uranium opportunity in 2007. Now, Beck has his sights set on the EV revolution.
Problems In Third World Countries To Ignite Gold Prices
SBTV's latest guest is Jayant Bhandari of Anarcho Capital. He brings a fresh perspective to the US trade war with China and insights on the performance of gold in the Third World.
Why 99% Of Cryptocurrencies Are Bitcoin Copycats And Are Possibly Scams
Tone Vays discusses about the future of bitcoin and why bitcoin is an amazing store of value that is decentralized.
Demand For Nickel & Cobalt To Grow In Electrification Supercycle
The electric vehicle revolution is undeniable. The demand for metals—such as lithium, cobalt and nickel—means that there is only one way to feed an electrifying world: higher prices.
Bitcoin, Why You Should Own A Bit
Bitcoin is the world's first trustless ledger that can withstand systemic shocks better than the current financial system. Bitcoin and gold are complementary assets. It is important for owners of bitcoin to find secure storage solutions.
Why Choose A Private Offshore Vault
Physical precious metals are almost always purchased for the purpose of wealth protection but how good is such ‘protection’ in a systemic crisis? What are the considerations when choosing an offshore vault?
How Geopolitics Could Make Singapore The Most Important Gold Market
The next major financial crisis will result in increased calls for a new type of reserve currency that is less prone to be inflated and a need for trusted neutral jurisdictions to keep it all honest. Singapore is well-poised to play this role.
How Currencies Depreciate And Gold Appreciates Over Time
Higher prices are a natural consequence of our ever increasing monetary supply. The CPI is understating price increases in the real world. Data has shown that gold holds value much better than currencies over long periods of time.
Debt Monetization - An Economic Powder Keg
At the recent LBMA Conference here in Singapore, the head of macro strategy and FX research at Standard Chartered Bank indicated that 26% of globally tradable bonds now have negative yields.
The Resurgence Of Silver's Monetary Role
With the largest silver hoards effectively depleted to make billions of consumer electronic products, silver's monetary role is re-emerging amidst the current economic landscape of massive debt expansion and currency printing.
The Gold To Silver Ratio Rule, Buy Low, Sell High
Throughout most of our history, silver and gold were interchangeable at a ratio of 15 to 1. Only recently has this ratio skyrocketed and started to fluctuate dramatically. If timed properly, the patient buyer can take advantage of the trends.
1 to 14 of 14 Posts