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My passion is understanding causes and effects within complex system / environments of all kinds. As a native German who partially grew up in Italy and England, spent 12 years in the United States and choose to settle in Singapore I am fascinated how people are shaped by their environments and ... more

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FV Investors Complacent To Economic Fallout From Coronavirus
Marc Faber believes the biggest economic issue today is the spread of the coronavirus.
$2000 Gold Coming And Brace For The Greatest Depression Ever Seen By Early 2021
Gerald Celent shares one of his boldest forecast, he expects $2,000 gold price as early as end-2020 and prepares for the onset of the greatest depression the world has ever seen by early 2021.
Smart Money In Gold Foresaw Repo Market Crisis As Early As June 2019
Dave Kranzler speaks about gold's new bull market run and how smart money in the gold market could have anticipated the problems in the repo market and bought gold, driving prices above multi-year resistances.
Global Depression Would Have Happened If The Federal Reserve Had Not Done 'Not-QE'
Frank Holmes speaks about the global depression that would have set in because of the 2019 repo market liquidity.
If Trump Loses, It Will Ignite The Gold & Silver Bull Market Further
Ken Lewis believes we will see higher gold and silver prices should Donald Trump loses the elections.
Real Reason For Record Stock Markets: Front-Running The Front-Runners
The Federal Reserve meddling in the economy results in the concentration of wealth to those at the top of the wealth pyramid and is fueling asset bubbles.
Gold Will Continue To Reflect The Destruction Of Paper Money
Egon von Greyerz sees the 2008 Global Financial Crisis as only a 'rehearsal' and that the real economic crisis is not far away.
Coming Crisis Is So Dire There's No Fix For It, Hold Gold, Cash & Pay Down Debt
Central bank policies have wreaked havoc in the financial system creating a false sense of prosperity.
Battle At State & Federal Levels To Restore Gold & Silver Sound Money To America
JP Cortez speaks about the citizenry efforts to restore gold and silver sound money to America at both State and Federal levels.
Basics Of COT Report Simplified For Gold And Silver Investors
Craig Hemke explains the basics of the oft-mentioned Commitment of Traders report (COT report) and how gold and silver investors can use it meaningfully.
100-Year Dow-To-Gold Ratio Shows Gold & Silver Price Rally Ahead
Iustin Rosioara explains why gold and silver prices are heading higher based on the cyclical pattern of the Dow-to-Gold Ratio.
Physical Gold & Silver Market Closer To Overpower Price Suppression
Why buy gold and silver if it is manipulated?
2020s To Stagnate If Private Debt Overhang Is Not Reduced
Our latest SBTV guest is Professor Steve Keen who warned of the 2008 financial crisis years before it happened. He believes the global economy is stuck in credit stagnation which will continue into the 2020s if private debt levels are not reduced.
Inevitable For Hunt Brothers Silver Trade To Be Repeated
Inflation masks the real price of silver.
New Possibilities With Gold Tokens Backed By The Perth Mint
Andreas Ruf discusses about the new possibilities The Perth Mint Gold Tokens (PMGT) will bring to the gold market and how PMGT improves the portability of gold bullion.
Stage Is Set For Silver To Be A Gold Bull On Steroids
Kevin Smith gives an update on the inversion of the yield curve, the looming threat from collateralized loan obligations and why silver will be gold on steroids in this bull market.
1 to 16 of 89 Posts
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